Monday, July 14, 2008

Some amazing quilting

Anyone else get up and can't wait to see what new beauty is on this site Check out this Storm at Sea that she just finished quilting. On top of the fabulous quilting she does, she's such a sweetheart! I realize that I'm never going to be in her league when it comes to quilting, but a girl can dream. Check out the back of the quilt too! It's a work of art.

I've been deciding on what to say or do about some people in blogland who are not happy about my last couple of posts. I've decided that it's just too bad if they are not happy about it. This is my blog, my opinions, thoughts, feelings, crafts..etc. It's my right to feel how I feel about anything. Actually, it's my right to ridicule on here, if that's what I choose to do. I didn't feel like I was ridiculing anyone, but maybe that couple deserves/needs ridiculing. The topic of the post is somewhat irrelevant to me now. I wish I were sorry that I might lose some people who have read my blog in the past, but this blog is more for me, than for them. By nature, I'm a postitive type person. I tend to be sarcastic and make jokes. If that offends you, then this may not be the blog for you. There are plenty out there to choose from. And, that's enough on that subject. On to fun stuff.

I've almost got my adventure in hand quilting finished. I think I will attempt an actual pieced quilt top soon with hand quilting. I really have enjoyed that. I'd post another pic, but it looks the same with more quilting done. I've got to get these hours up, or Kristie is going to get too far ahead of me to catch up on hours. The Survivor competition is going strong with Jen, Jill, and Moneik. GO, JEN!


Gina said...

I still love you.
Just remember you can please some of the people all of the time or all of the people some of the time. It obviously wasn't their time.
I'm glad you haven't given up with the hand quilting. I love doing it. I find it so calming, plus I get to watch the soccer at the same time

Love and hugs gina xxx

vtquilter said...

Glad you are still going to blog and will continue to share your thoughts. Thanks for the link to the quilt with the beautiful quilting! Glad you are enjoying the hand quilting and look forward to seeing which quilt you decide to start with.

Amanda said...

Well done you - you stick to your guns. As long as you don't libel anyone that is!! The only problem will arise if you get upset by the comments you may receive from those who disagree with you. I love hand piecing and quilting too and have a cute little quilt planned to do when the Olympics are on.

jillquilts said...

I'm glad that you are standing up for yourself! Kudos to you! As long as you are making yourself happy, that is all that matters! But you are making me happy to, so that is a bonus! :D

Kristie said...

Way to go!!!!!! Your words and sayings just tickle me to death!!! We love you!!!

Yes, you had better get back to quilting!!!! I got some new fabrics in the mail this you know what that means!!!!!

Randi said...

Thank you for the nice comment about my quilting. I didn't see anything offensive in your blog post (other than that filthy house). And anyway, it is YOUR blog...

Michelle said...

Good for you, Regina! Your post was not mean spirited, but someone was just out to ruin your day. Don't let people like that get under your skin. They are not happpy so they don't want others to be happy either.

Glad you are going to keep on 'keepin' on!

CatQuilter said...

I'm like you - my blog is for my thoughts. And not everybody is going to agree with everything that gets put on there. Keep at it! I enjoy reading your blog.


Carol VR said...

I assume you deleted the negative comments. I couldn't find them and having been 'in cognito' while on vacation I was a little thrown aback by the whole post.

Kudos for you, for standing up with your chi held high.

Katie said...

It's kind of interesting how folks press their opinion of what one should or shouldn't write! Remind them that they can just click away from what they don't want to read. It's their problem, not yours, and if they can't control themselves...OH WELL!

:-D You go girl!