Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm "Bowl"ed Over...

Oh, this is fun. It's so easy and goes very quickly. I made this one to hold candy. And then I made another one to hold threads. The rug came out ok, but making one of these of any size is hard. It tries to get all wonky and doesn't want to lay flat when you get it larger than a bowl size.

I can see making lots of these. I would love to make a set of them for all those baking dishes that are so ugly. You know, the glass ones that have no...personality. Wouldn't it look cute with a matching set of them? Ok...I'm obsessed again.
On an icky note, I've had a bug this week. Spend most of the week in the "Ladies" Room. It's been so much fun....NOT! Grrrrr! As my daughter says, That's TMI! Garry and Cindy have gone to church without me. I didn't know if I could make it for two hours, and I hate to share my bug with anyone, especially the older women at church. I'm a hugger. Yep, I'm apt to hug you when I see you, when we part company, and anywhere in between. Can't help it. Don't know where it comes from as my immediate family was not "huggy" when I was growing up. But, my dirty little secret is out now. I'm a HUGGER!
Now it's time to go load a quilt on the frame and get something done. I've got several tops that need to be quilted and I need to accomplish something. Oops, I'll have to finish piecing the blocks that are all over the floor first...then onto the frame......

Friday, April 25, 2008

It's A Wrap.....New Addiction Alert

It's all Jen's fault....again! I saw her bowls here: and ordered the book, of course. I took the ugliest fabric you've ever seen (see pic below..ughhhh) and this is what it looks like now....

This is so easy! I'm not making a bowl this big though. I'm making a rug for my enclosed porch. It has a white painted floor and is where my bird lives all summer. He loves it there and I hear less screaming from him. I may be wrapping for a while....but I won't break dance...don't ask...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Star Struck 2

My living room (aka sewing room) is covered in stars. Bonnie at has the pattern and it's awesome. I get to making these blocks and can't quit. So..I have almost 100 at this point. Setting them together tonight while I wait for the second Orange Crush clue. No other news.....just twiddling my thumbs.....hehehe

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Craft Day...A SUCCESS

Craft Day takes so long to arrive and goes by so quickly. It was a wonderful success again this month. We had a lot more women come and go through out the day. The fellowship with these women ROCKS the house down. There's Jan working on her Jigsaw Puzzle quilt top. Do you see an actual MAN in one of those pics? That's Dave. He heard there was food! Actually he just stopped by to see us then he was on his way to my house to meet the guys to go to the supercross. He's visiting with our scrapbookers, Lisa, her mom Mary and Audrey.
That young lady in the pink is my girl Brianna. She's one of my youth group kids and my buddy. I just love that kid. She's so lovable. She was our youngest scrapbooker and she knows what she's doing.
And those three women (?) there....that's my BFFL Val, Sharon and my daughter Cindy. Cindy is making a dress now. I'm glad she's got Val for that cause I do not have a clue about making clothes. Val says I could do why? Cindy thinks it's just too cool. And...that makes me happy. That beautiful woman holding the pillows is Julia. Julia and her husband built our church. She's quite the woman. She tells me that I'm "delightful". Of all the things I've been called over the years, delightful is a new one. I kinda like it. Those two women with her are sisters, Tess and Terry. Great women, also.
Another young man, there? Yep, that's P.J. He's heading to off with the guys to supercross too. This couldn't have worked out better for several of us. Lisa, the scrapbooker's hubby and son went with my hubby too.

And...For my big accomplishment of the day.....TAAAAA DAAAAAAAA...... I finally finished putting my Carolina Crossroads top together. I don't know why I've been dragging my feet on it, but I had been. Now....borders....hmmmmmmm

Having friends for dinner after church tomorrow. Better go finish up the preparation. Lots and lots to do.....

Friday, April 11, 2008

Saturday Craft Day Preparation....Yipppeeee

Tomorrow is our craft day again at the church building. Yay! Last month it went so well and we had such a great turn out. I am looking forward to it so much. My hubby and several of the other husbands will be at watching the pro's do this at Ford Field in Detroit. Yay...the day just keeps getting better, don't you think? Hubby gone, craft day....oh yeah, Baby!

I've been cooking all day. I made bean soup. I have some women who actually request aim to please.

But then, I decided to make French Bread and Rolls....

I also went "spring cleaning" insane the last two days. I have several dining room sets. I had been using one that has a buffet but I decided to change to a different one. That meant moving the table, chairs and buffet all to the downstairs and then hauling a very old one back up. No buffet, so I decided to haul in a tall white metal cabinet I had stored and use it. It looks much bigger in that room now. Garry was not happy about all the furniture moving, but had he not helped I would have done it alone anyway, so he helped. You know when you move stuff like that, it snowballs into....wall washing, ceiling cleaning, etc. etc. ... So .. I mopped all the floors, scrubbed the main bathroom down, then I went after the kitchen. I have way way too much stuff in general. It's amazing the crap a couple of people can accumulate. I need to downsize. Get rid of some of the kids old stuff. Toys, games, you name's down there. I've even got four or five dirtbikes and four wheelers that need to leave here. Perhaps there is a yard sale in my future.

I'm having several couples and Cindy's best friend over for dinner after church service on Sunday. I'll have to get everything ready after I get home from craft day tomorrow. I already baked a big ham, made deviled eggs, made homemade salad dressings. I'll throw scalloped taters together tomorrow night and the salad. Cook a couple of veggies when I get home Sunday and be good to go. Should be fun.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Later.....

Monday, April 7, 2008

Signs of my house...

What signals spring at your house? Seeing the first Robin Red Breast of the season? Flowers peeking up from the ground? Sunshine and blue skies? Well...not at my house....

This is my 60 year old husband, Garry. Yes, I know. He's still a 15 year old boy in his head. In every way, he's still a teenager. Sorry the pic is so blurry, but he's going fast! It's hard enough to get a pic at all when he's moving like he does. He's been down sick for the past three days. Cold, dizzy, heart pounding... but does that slow him down today? Nope....had to get on that bike.

This story is not quilty, but I think I'll tell it anyway since I'm still waiting for the next Orange Crush clue ... hehehehee Garry's birthday is in October. Last year he turned 60. Last March, some friends and I decided to throw him a big birthday bash since that bike he is riding in the picture was what I was getting him for his birthday. I have a friend, Brenda, who has a big pole barn and lives in the middle of nowhere. We sometimes, have game nights at her house, so it didn't seem too odd to Garry that we were going there on a Saturday afternoon last September. I did this a month early so that he'd still have some time to ride it before hunting season started here in Michigan. We arrived and loads of friends were there. We hung out for a while, played some games. And, then Garry's sister arrived. This totally thru him because he couldn't figure out how she found us. A few minutes later the guy from the dirtbike placed called my cell phone and told me he was two minutes away. A couple of Garry's riding buddies headed out to the road and met him with the bike. He backed it up to the pole barn as we all stood up and sang Happy Birthday to Garry. You should have seen his face. He couldn't figure out what was going on until Brenda handed him his boots and helmet that were hidden and I said to him.... "Garry, you want to come see if this bike fits you ok?" He started grinning and hasn't quit yet. I am known by the name of "Awesome Wife" by all his riding buddies, now. But their wives all wanted to know what they are suppose to do now? They seem to think they won't be able to live with their hubbys unless they top this. Garry had just told someone the week before that I could never get anything over on him. It was the best day! Nothing makes me happier than to see him smile. Sappy, ain't I? I can't say how much he means to me. This conspiracy took me a long time to plan....Garry says for me to do it again for his 70th birthday....ahahhaha

Well, that's my story for today. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and signs of spring are popping up or streaking by at your house too!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Orange Crush=OCD? our first clue yesterday from Bonnie at Quiltville. And I went into OCD mode and had to finish it in record time. I just loved the last mystery and tried so hard to maintain my composure about the new one. I failed. I got myself all excited about it the moment the clue was posted. Now, it's the sit and wait for the next clue. I should load up my Number 2 from the UFO list today and finish that one and be done with it. I just might.....
On the non quilty front, I'm trying to use the "love and logic" system with my daughter. We had a couple of days of 50 degree weather last week and naturally the 15 year old, know everything, teenager in my house thought that gave her the ok to wear shorts, no sleeves, you know how they are. I thought my head would explode while I sat back and said nothing. I let her do it. I knew she'd end up sick, but I was avoiding the usual teenage look and attitude that says "You know nothing, old woman". And now, she's so sick. Got herself a monster cold. And, I refuse to baby her. I pointed out that she did it to herself and perhaps she needed to make more appropriate choices for the weather when she dresses herself. She's completely thrown that there is no baby-ing going on and she's sick. I'm a hovering parent. I bring aspirins, make homemade chicken noodle soup, make a bed on the couch, give the remote, and hover over the sick child. But, not this time. So, do you think any of this will make a difference in her choices next time? Maybe not.....but at some point they need to make some decisions on their own..... Letting your child make the wrong choices is the hardest thing in the world to do.