Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've been tagged....

Linda over at tagged me. So....

Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
Post THE RULES on your blog.
Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
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Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged. goes.....

1. I took fourth place in Baton Twirlling State Competition in Michigan when I was a teenager. I think my Mom still has the medal I received from it. Yep, I was a twirller and now I wanna be a dwirller.

2. I will not eat a "pointy" french fry. I only eat the square ones. No, I don't know why. But my dogs end up with most of my fries, because I always get the most point ones.

3. I used to paint homes, worked as a roofer, ride dirtbikes, have changed a motor in an old thunderbird I had. Most men like me because I always did "men" kinda stuff. I think that's why the quilting freaked a few people out around here.

4. My husband and I have no biological children together. I have one biological daughter named Anastasia. He has one biological son, Scott. We do have two adopted kids. One boy, Chad, 17 and one girl, Cyn, 15. I honestly believe I am the happiest married woman in the world. My husband still makes me laugh and just the sight of him still makes my heart beat faster. Sappy, huh?

5. I love music. I may be Leon Russell's biggest fan alive. My husband still says Leon Who? I love everything from Nat King Cole to Norah Jones and recently discovered the Dana Fachs Band.

6. I talk in my sleep. I have full and meaningful conversations throughout the night and occasionally wake to find my kids and or husband staring at me. They think it's funny.

7. I'm a fanatic about "telling the truth". I can't tolerate lies. I don't tell them and once I find out someone lied to me, I'm hard pressed to ever believe anything they say ever again. (I personally can't lie, refer to number 6, I'd end up telling on myself)

I've already seen a lot of you have been along if you'd like. If you read this, consider yourself "tagged"!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I dwirled! Can you see it? Ok, I admit I might need some more practice. But, I dwirled!!! And I loved it. It's so ... textured. I like that heavy quilting so much. I have some places where I couldn't see my line and missed. I have some places where .. I just didn't follow the "echo-ing" so well. But all in all, I'm just thrilled with it. I'm so happy to be doing something other than stippling. Not that I don't love that, too, but this really rocks.
I'm not even too afraid of it being seen close up. Don't look for the boo boo's. They are there. I can live with this though. I intentionally used white quilting thread, for the learning curve on this one. I really needed to be able to see it and with all the colors in this top, sometimes that was hard to do. I'ma gonna dwirl some more very soon. I may even venture into something else on the Pajama Quilter DVD. You never can tell.......
Oh man...I forgot to put the duck in the pics. My kid will never forgive me. I did correct her term paper for English tonight and printed it out and put it on the table so she wouldn't forget it in the morning. Perhaps I can use that act of kindness for duck forgiveness....think it'll work??? She's duck obsessed!
Later....I gotta make more tops to dwirl.....LOL

Feelin' Groovy....

Well, I did have the flu. I think it's about over now. I feel much better today. Amen to that. I don't have anything quilty to share. I did make a sewing machine caddy to give to a friend. I'm hoping to feel like going to my Tuesday nite crafty women gathering. But...maybe I shouldn't. I hate for someone who is sick to come out in public and share the plaque to me. Sick people, in my humble opinion, should stay at home and not share germs with ME. Ok, I'll get off that soapbox for now. I have my Scrappy Stars top loaded on the frame (for two weeks now)
I may venture in and load up the backing and start on that today. Not sure how long I'll last though.

On another note, I have been getting weird comments. People I don't know who want me to click here .. or there.... Don't bother leaving those comments. I will not click here or there. I do not want what you are selling, giving, sharing. This is a blog about quilting, crafting, my family life. If your link you leave relates to those things, Welcome! If it doesn't, don't bother. Sorry if this offends anyone, but I hate to see the "few" irritate the rest. Now I'll get off that soapbox. more thing....Yeah...people are giving me cavities. I did type plaque when I meant PLAGUE. AHAHHAHAHAH Jen caught it and uh huh....she gave me a hard time about it. But...I can take it! Bring it on Jen. LOL Well....heading back to dwirling now. Trying that on my Scrappy Star Struck. So far....not too bad. I like doing it as much as I like stippling so......Later

Thursday, February 21, 2008

YBR Finished!

Completely finished and even washed and dried. Yayyyyyy....finally a finish. My hubby is too short to hold it all the way up and ignore the dogfest. They think every blanket, pillow, throw, or quilt in the house is for them. Two of the dogs, Mugsy and Popcorn, got shaved today. Mugsy is glad, Pop is not so happy to be naked. Mugsy has a dewclaw (not sure if that's the correct spelling on that) problem. He always has trouble with one of them. Grows into the pad of his foot. Now he's got an infection in it and has to be on antibiotics. Also, he got his distemper shot. None of the four dogs are on the same schedule. All their shots are due at a different time. Maybe thats better, money wise. The other two, Tator Tot and Qtip get shaved next Thursday. I'm trying to get them all done now because my groomer, Faye, is having a baby in April. Yep, I have a quilt all made and ready for Faye's new baby. That's my world for today. Off to watch, Idol, Lost and Eli Stone. Thursday is the only night I really watch tv.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just a Quilty funny ...

The Box

A man and woman had been married for more than 60 years. They had shared everything. They had talked about everything. They had kept no secrets from each other except that the little old woman had a box in the top of her closet that she had cautioned her husband never to open or ask her about. For all of these years, he had never thought about the box, but one day the little old woman got very sick and the doctor said she would not recover. In trying to sort out their affairs, the little old man took down the box and took it to his wife's bedside. She agreed that it was time that he should know what was in the box. When he opened it, he found small quilts and a stack of money totaling $95,000. He asked her about the contents. "When we were to be married," she said, " my grandmother told me, the secret of a happy marriage was to never argue. She told me that if I ever got angry with you, I should just keep quiet and make a quilt." The little old man was so moved; he had to fight back tears. Only two very small quilts were in the box. She had only been angry with him two times in all those years of living and loving. He almost burst with happiness. "Honey," he said, "that explains the quilts, but what about all of this money? Where did it come from?" "Oh," she said, "that's the money I made from selling quilts."

A Prayer....... Dear Lord, I pray for Wisdom to understand my man; Love to forgive him; And Patience for his moods; Because Lord, if I pray for Strength, I'll beat him to death, because I don't know how to quilt.

Is it Prettier now?

Like the new look? I was busy avoiding work (it is tax time and I own a heating and cooling company) so instead of working on my books, I was playing with my blog. Naturally! And, what does that get me? I lost all my quilty friends list, my blog ring thingies, and...not sure what else yet. But, more importantly, is it prettier now? Like my new stripes? Bolder colors? Happier? More cheerfull and "perky"? Thats what I was going for.

Had out little crafty church group meeting last night. My friend, Jan, wanted to make one of these notebook covers, so we worked on that.
I actually drug all my stuff and machine there and never turned it on. I just helped Jan with learning to use rulers, rotary cutter, mats, and quilting it. It was fun. I make a lot of jokes about why I am not a "teacher" of anything. I would usually rather just do it myself. I have to fight myself not to do my daughters homework because it's easier than explaining it.
I actually did good with it, I hope. Jan seemed to think so. As I've mentioned previously, we are having a "Craft Day" on March 8th at the church building. I'm so suprised by how many women are all excited about it. Women from church that I didn't even know did any crafts are coming. And they are all excited about it. Jan and I are going to go on Friday night and set up the tables along the walls for the sewing machines. We've decided to buy a boatload of surge suppressor extension cords and get things in order. I'm thinking about picking up some "prizes" for a drawing of some kind, but I'm not sure what to get. Maybe I should make a few of these: I made this one for myself and made one for Jan. It's easy and I have a almost full bolt of that sewing fabric. Then I could maybe come up with a needle case for the crocheters and knitters. And a couple of the notebook covers for the scrapbookers? Anyone have any other ideas? I'm very open to suggestions. It's like a mini retreat for me and I've never hosted anything like this before.
Some women will be quilting, sewing, scrapbooking, rug making, knitting, crocheting, and .... not sure...what else. How cool is this gonna be? I also do quite a bit of cooking for church activities and I get a lot of requests for my Chicken 'n Dumplings, so since it's become a Pot Luck lunch, I'm going to make that. I know and love almost every woman who attends there, and the few I don't know well, I'm looking forward to getting to know better. That's the thing about "crafting" together. You really get to know someone in a completely different way when you create together. The fellowship that it brings is amazing to me. I'll try any craft. I've taken painting lessons, cake decorating classes, some jewelry making classes, cooking classes. I'll take a class on just about anything. I've crocheted since I was in second grade. I love photography, although I'm not very good at it. How do people who don't create things get thru the day?

Well, Jen has emailed me to try to help me get back my ring thingie, so I'm off to cause a brown out in Cleveland. That's what I think of my computer skills.....heheheheh
Have a great Wednesday, each of you....

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm tired of Winter....send sunshine and blue skies please.....

Pretty quiet weekend around here. Ice storm this morning and our church actually cancelled services. We have services three times a week, Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. I know that seems like a lot, but it's been a great help in my life. It's a sure sign that the roads are bad when they cancel Sunday morning and Sunday night. We did go to a brunch at some friends from our church today. It was wonderful. I wish I had taken my camera to show you all the wonderful food she served. I ate too much as did everyone else. The main roads weren't too bad but all the back roads were just terrible. A solid sheet of ice. It's been slowly melting through the day and now it's slush over ice. If it freezes up again overnight, it will really be bad tomorrow, too.
I've been making these blocks for the past few days. I have a quilt that my Gram made me and this is the pattern of it. I've had her quilt for years and years, and it's getting worn and torn in spots. I thought I would make another just for the sake of it. I do love those 30's prints. I could make every quilt with them forever I think. They really cheer me up and put a smile on my face.

I'm hosting a Craft Day at our church building on March 8th. It started out to be a few of us getting together and making the jigsaw puzzle quilt top. Now it's a full day of all kinds of crafting and a pot luck lunch. I'm so tickled that so many of the women are excited about it and joining us. I'll have to take lots of pics and post them. I'm quite excited about it myself.

I loaded up my Scrappy Stars top on the frame and hope to start quilting it tomorrow. I'm off to go watch Castaway now. I do love Tom Hanks. Hope everyone had a happy and safe weekend.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mark Lipinski

Simply shimmering color. Delight your eyes with a rainbow of reflected color with Mark Lipinski's Crystals quilt, featured in the January/February 2008 issue of Quilter's Home magazine. Download the foundation templates and get started on your own gorgeous Crystals quilt today. See the January/February 2008 issue for complete instructions
(this was taken straight from his webpage: )

Yep...Mark Lipinski is all the rage around the quilty blogland lately. So, like Kristie ( I had to find out what all the hurrah was about. I found this: and These are not your Grandmother's quilts. And not to put our Grandmother's down in any way...these are so cool. Who would not want a quilt that looks like that one? I do. I wanna make that one. If his magazine has more of this in it...I'll have to buy a subscription. This could be the start of something big!

I'm going back to my sewing room now since I've been seriously inspired. I may actually finish something quilty soon. Also, like Kristie, the quilt tops are starting to stack up.....

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend....

Friday, February 15, 2008

I didn't make this...but I own it....

My husband's Grandmother, Florence Keith, made this. The best I can figure it out, it was made in the 40's. She left it to me when she died. I love it! Just thought I'd share a peek with you all!

It's really beautiful with scalloped edges and all hand done. It's a really big deal to me that she left it to me. She also left me her old trundle (sp?) sewing machine. I'll make a post about that too one day.....
Well...time for some sewing....

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I did it! I just ordered this!!!! Oh...after seeing Jen's dwirling, I can't wait for it to arrive now. I'll be a dwirller too! I've heard nothing but great things about this DVD and I have high hopes for what it can do for me. Yipppeeeee! Hurrayyyyyy!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I wanna cut these fabrics...but......

I just love these fabrics. I've been just looking at them all pretty together for months. Problem: I can't find a pattern that seems to work for them. I was originally going to do pinwheels with them, but it just doesn't seem right for them. These fabrics are unhappy being seperate. I can hear them calling out to me at night. Anyone have any idea? Something that will make them happy? I'd appreciate any and all suggestions....I know from looking at all your blogs that you have wonderful ideas....share some??? Thanks in advance....Regina

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jill's 200th Post and Birthdays.....

Jill's celebrating her 200th post on her Blog. Go here and see what she's giving away. Her blog is always interesting and inspiring. She's a very busy woman. I don't know how some of you find the time to do all you do.

On another note... My daughter, Cindy, is having a birthday today. I still have the shopping part to do today. She loves a steak dinner, so that's on the menu for tonights dinner. I can't believe she's 15 already. My hubby and I adopted her when she was eight. Time certainly flies. She's a delightful person. Fun, bubbly, cute, smart, determined (that's parent code for stubborn). It's wonderful to watch her grow into the woman she's becomming. I'm so grateful to God for giving us this most perfect gift.

This is her on the left with the dark hair. The other one is her best friend, Ashley, who is my friend Jan's daughter. They make quite a pair! The paper fellow in the middle is Flat Stanley. If you don't know about Flat Stanley, google's a great story. He came to visit us last year from Tennessee. We had a lot of fun with him. to shop till I drop......

Monday, February 11, 2008

I've got the giggles.....

Go look at this....go now....
and this one....
and this one too.....

Yep...Monday afternoon, I have a million things to do. I'm cooking for 30-40 people tonight. And what am I currently doing? I'm reading Quilty stuff online. And I have go the giggles over this.....
Tell me the truth....have I lost it completely or is it that funny? I have som entries I could make in that contest..... I've got tears running down my face from laughing this hard.....
See ya all....

Sunday, February 10, 2008

In response to Jen's Challenge

Jen's challenged us all to a "What's on Your Bed" post. So, without further adoooo, this is what's on mine.....

I failed to take a pic after it was finished......LOL

Here are Jen's instructions on the challenge: "Post on your blog with your pictures, challenge others to do the same. Come back here and comment with the link to your blog. I'm curious!!!"

Ok...stop reading...go take pics.....
See ya.....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Star Struck Duck!

It's beginning to look more like a quilt top. I'm hoping to put the borders on this one time to ramble...I'm off to do it....

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Thrill of Victory?????

Today was the day. I took the Janome off the frame, put it all back to original outta the box state and got it sewing wonderfully. Then, I put the darning foot and the quilting thread back in it and loaded it back on the frame. Man, that's a lot of work to take it off. I had to use tape and label all the plugs and cords so I'd have a clue how to plug it all back in. Then I loaded up two pieces of muslin and batting and worked. Not perfect yet, but that's me and not the equipIment. Thank heavens. I need some stippling expert (yeah, Jen, I mean you) to tell me if it looks ok or do I need to do anything different. I want that Pajama Quilter disk for the Dwirlling (I think that's the name) instructions. I just love how that looks. Anywho....I've got a couple of tops that need borders. On the list for the next couple of days, and then I'll put one of them on the frame and see what happens. I will have to say that getting that needle in on the JanomeP DBX is a big deal. A hair off and it's a no go. I'm quite excited at this point. I hope to catch up to Jen one day, but I'll be dead before that happens. I just wanna stipple!....LOL

We have our yearly Church Valentines Dinner tonight, but my husband is in bed sick. He never gets sick, so it always really concerns me. He says he'll feel like going tonight, but.....we'll see. Hope everyone has a great weekend.....stay warm......

Thursday, February 7, 2008

This is my driveway. It's a long driveway too. Glad my hubby loves MY tractor. We really got a lot of snow. And...there's more to come they say. We got about 16 inches and suppose to get about 4 more tomorrow night. I have a little over 5 acres here and I vegetable garden big time every summer. So, my hubby bought me that John Deere tractor. The problem is keeping him off it. He got a mower deck for it and a blade for snow. I get to use it to plow for my garden and then he's back on it. Odd couple that fights over tractor rights.'s mine I tell ya....

Onto the quilty front....I've been working on the Star Struck quilt from . This has been a fun one to work on. I really like tha pattern a lot and would like to do another one of these. many patterns and so little time. I gotta do that snowman one from my last post and Bonnie has several others I want to give a shot at. This has been the best learning experience. It's time to watch the rest of Lost and then Eli Stone. I'm still undecided on that one, but I think it's got potential.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nope...I didn't make this one. My friend and mentor... hehehhee ... she'll love that one... Sharon made this one. It's a snow man quilt. And it's adorable. This pic doesn't do it justice. We had our little crafty group get together at the church building last night and she brought this for us to see. I gotta make one now. I want to make every quilt I see. It's becomming a problem for me. And next......we have my friend Jan. Jan's Mom passed away not too long ago. She inherited her Mom, Rosie's, craft land. She even got her Mom's SE. And, she's working on all her Mom's UFO's and sharing them with her siblings when they are done. Jan is an awesome woman. And she stitched in the ditch for the first time last night. She has never sewn before so Sharon is a great help to all of us. Oh, and Jan's husband is also our Minister. We were the only three that came last night. It's so hard for us all to get together when we all work and have families. But all you women out there in Blogland know that already. I worked on my Scrappy Star Struck. And no, there is no pic of me. I hate having my pic taken. So...I make sure I'm the one holding the camera. Works great for me.

Well, I'm off to have lunch with my parents who are here in Michigan from Florida where they now live.

Happy quilting......

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Not a Bargello

This is what I've been up to. It's Bonnie's Star Struck pattern. I love it. It's so scrappy. I was going to do the scrappy bargello, but, time did not cooperate. And ... I've been wanting to do this one for quite a while. I've also been saving the little half squares that have to be cut off of this block and stitching them along. I would have never considered this, but she mentioned it in the pattern...and the rest is history. I'm enjoying this though. My accountant was suppose to be here all day on Saturday, but he had something come up and couldn't get here. So he came today after I got home from church. It's 8 p.m. and he's still here, working on my business accounts. I spoke too soon...he just left. And yep...he always gives me the same news each time he comes....I'm poor...LOL. Owning a business is not everything that everyone thinks it is, but I'm grateful that we are able to do it. And now....I'm back to the Star Stuck quilt...... you can find the pattern here: It's wonderful of her to share all this with the rest of us....Thanks Bonnie and happy moving!