Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today is my birthday. Yep, 51! Can you believe I'm that old? I can't either. My husband and some friends threw me a suprise birthday party last night. I got some lovely gifts and the company rocked! But...I just wanted to tell everyone how blessed I am with friends. I have had great friends my whole life. Friends that stick by me no matter what. Blogland recently reminded me that not every one has that gift. Not everyone knows what being a real friend even means. I am one lucky woman to know the joy of having great friends and I just wanted to thank those of you who I count amoung that group! I was lucky enough to meet some blog friends earlier this year, (Jen, Moneik, Cindy..that's you) and got to add to that number some more great friends. Life is good and God has blessed me in so many could I not share that?

On the quilty side of life, Garry got me a one of those new Simplicity fabric strip cutters and three...yep, count 'em....three new feet for my Sapphire. One is the walking foot I really wanted! Friends got me gifts ranging from jewelry to a lovely sweater. Another friend is really good at woodwork and he made me a lighthouse. Patti even got me Pioneer Woman's new cookbook! I'll take pics of all the loot and post them tomorrow.

I just want to say again that the best gift in life truly is friendship! Nothing compares. I'm even friends with my husband! Amazing, huh? a birthday gift to me...hug a friend today!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Aprons and Child Embarrassement!

I've been busy making aprons. Lots of aprons.

And then...because I'm the parent and's a pic of my daughter, Cindy, hard at work at McDonalds.
I'm hoping that this will make her realize she needs a lot more education in order for this to not be her future. She has a free ride to college if she can get her high school grades up and keep them there. It's all up to her now...

In other news, here at Casa One I, I screwed up my arm and had to stop sewing for a bit. I also, joined Curves and discovered that I need to lose a full person. I don't care for her anyway since she's a fatty, so I'm going to be working hard to leave her behind. Wish me luck! I joined a sewing group at the Senior Center here in town, too. I'm not a senior yet, but I qualify since my husband is. I knew his age would come in handy one day. I'm sure there's more that has been going on, but can't think of what it is. Cindy has recovered from the flu, but she missed a full week of school. And now....back to the sewing machine!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

When pigs fly.....

While I don't officially know if it's the swine flu, I do know that I have a really sick kid. The call came about noon on Thursday, from school. Fever...bad fever. Tylenol gets rid of it and then ... a few hours later, it's right back. If she's not better considerably, tomorrow she goes to the doctor. Her friend from church/school has the same thing and has seen the doctor. They have both been ill the same length of time, with the same symptoms. This has not been a good time around here. I'll be back when the pigs fly away.....