Saturday, September 19, 2009

Still alive and kicking....

And I've been doing some sewing. I finally remembered to grab the camera from my glove box.'s what I've been up to! I finished the king size four inch squares quilt for my bed. The back is pieced with 10 inch squares. Done and on my bed! Love it!

I found this in Eleanor Burns book, Egg Money Quilts and tried my hand at applique...AGAIN! This one went really well and I have to admit that I loved making it. Needs binding and it's done!

I've been wanting to make a black and white quilt with one other color, but couldn't decide on a pattern. I saw a strip/string quilt on someone's blog recently and loved it. So, why not!

I have one other quilt I just finished quilting, but I forgot to take a pic. I'll save that for the next post. It's another Bento Box. I love that pattern.

Patti was here sewing with me lately and she has made a Bento Box quilt top, too! Here's hers! It rocks! That's it for now! I'm off to a Pampered Chef Party....and I'm broke! Ughhhhh.....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Uh huh.....

This is my life lately....I can't remember squat!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I left the house and......

WENT GOLFING! Uh huh....Tiger Woods? I ain't! But, I did have fun. Garry and I haven't done this in years. Well, he has, but not me.

The teen has not been very friendly lately, so she spent the weekend with a friend of the family. Garry and I had planned to go to northern Michigan where we have a cabin in the woods, on the AuSable River. At the last minute, we decided to just stay home. Just the two of us. We went out to dinner last night, saw a movie, did some shopping. For him, some work shoes and me, some jeans. We got up this morning, went out for brunch, and headed for the golf course. I actually survived 18 holes. Jen and I were doing some texting today and when I sent her a pic of what I was up to, she sent back this reply...." O m g...r u on crack?" Well, no, I'm not yet. I can see why she would be concerned though. This is not something I normally do. was fun and we are planning to go again tomorrow. After golfing, we went to another movie. It's almost been like dating! Woohooo! Maybe the teen will come home with a better attitude. I know it's just growing up, but some days it's harder to deal with than others. Maybe the break did us both some good!

On the quilty front: I finished a king size quilt for my bed. My camera is in the car, and I'm too lazy to go get it right now. I'm working on another bento box now.

Well...I'm off to check on all my farms on FaceBook. If you don't know about those, save yourself...avoid farming! Giggle!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Serious post.

My moment of silence to remember......