Monday, June 30, 2008

Just like a bad penny...I always turn up again....

Hiya Everyone! I've been antisocial for a while, but I think it's over now. I have a dental work reprieve until August 11th. Yippeeee! So, anyone care what I've been up to? If goes.....

Started working on this Cathedral Window Quilt last night. I've been looking at them for a while now and they really move me. I think they are amazing. I found this Tutorial and I'm sort of amazed at how much easier it is than I thought it would be. My hubby is over the top over it. He can't figure out how it's done, so he just keeps looking at it. Eventually I'll have to show him...maybe....well....we'll see.....
I've been outside A LOT. Planting flowers, weeding garden, built a thing for my cucumbers to grow up so they wouldn't spread all over the ground. Just a couple of poles and some fencing but it'll work. It's the same thing I've used in the past but can never find it the following year, so I make a new one. Hmmmmm....
Raspberries are doing very well this year. I put these in about five years ago and up until this year there have really never been enough to even make a cobbler. Now they are everywhere. The birds have managed to spread them all over the property. I can live with that. They are so sweet and I'm excited to have so many finally.
I am giving hand embroidery a try, also. I found a series of "Cabin" patterns online, so I drew one out on a piece of white fabric and picked up a cheap package of embroidery floss and this is what I have so far. I like doing it, which surpised me. It's kinda relaxing to do while I sit in the same room as the rest of the family. I'm usually in the other room and never really hang out with them. Watching tv makes me nervous. Like when you go on vacation and just know that you've left the coffee pot on or the iron plugged in. Know what I mean? I don't like that feeling so I avoid watching tv unless I have something else I can do at the same time. I think it's why I've always crocheted.
Ok...the rest of the pics are flowers and plants that I've been busy with. If that doesn't thrill ya....the fun is over for YOU! Heheheheh....
These "hens and chicks" are from a friend. She was kind enough to give me some after a bridal shower she hosted at her home last Saturday. She has a master garden degree (I know nothing when it comes to this) and her gardens are amazing. I had so much fun wandering about in them. Thanks, Phyllis! I spread them out in different flower beds and kept some in a pot to bring in for the winter. These always remind me of my Grams and bring a smile to my face. Hope she knows how much I miss her. This is my Clematis. It's just growing in leaps and bounds this year. We've had so much rain. I think that's helped with everything. The hostas is about to bloom. Actually all of them are, but I think this is the biggest one I've ever seen. And last, but certainly not least, my lillies have just started to bloom. Garry (hubby) planted these all by himself. Funny story, he planted them all upside down and I had to make him dig them all back up and replant them. He thought the roots coming out of them were the plant growing. I've hooted on him pretty bad about it over the years, but he's so proud of all of them now.
And...just for fun and because I don't like him much, here is my big bird, Purdue, after his bath. Somehow, I just feel better knowing how much he hates getting a bath. If he would only stop the screaming! He's happier now, since he's living outside on the deck. I think he happier with all the activity to keep him entertained. The dogs, humming birds, and us give him something to watch. Boredom makes him scream. Maybe he needs his own tv and a subscription to the animal planet?
Last, but certainly not least, I want to give my condolences to Jill (Bratgirl) and Moneik (The Bride). I know the competition hasn't started yet Ladies, but, really it's over before it begins. Jen (and thanks Cindy, too) is gonna kick some Quilter Butt in July. I've got faith in ya, Jen! So...I'll just leave you with this....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bad Blogger Alert!

I'm a bad blogger. I haven't posted in ages, it seems. Some of you wonderful people have emailed me wondering where I am. I'm here and I look like this:

Having some dental work done. Ok...lots of dental work. I'm not a happy camper. I have been doing some sewing. It keeps my mind off the misery some. Bear with me. I'll be around, but I'm just not very social right now. How can something so small as a tooth cause such misery and pain? Ok, enough of my whinning. Gotta take the kid to drivers ed and then ... who knows? Later!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wanna look around where I live?

Ok...if you want to, I'll show ya around. Not too exciting really, but I'm bored and lazy today.
So here goes. My driveway is lined with Silver Maple Trees on both sides all the way to the house. I love these trees. I love most trees.
These are the trees on both sides. Pretty dreary here today. No sunshine, but lots of Severe Thunderstorm Warnings.
This is one of my favorite trees on the property. I have several acres with woods on two sides. This is a very old Shag Bark Hickory. This pic doesn't do it justice. It's so rough and yet somehow majestic in its size. Can you see the rope swing hanging from it? It's on the right side of the trunk of the tree hanging from one of the branches. Hard to spot in the pic. The smaller pic is of several more Shag Barks.
I did get all my mater plants in this week. I cut back this year by a lot. I only put in 48 mater plants this year. Half are romas and half are a local hybrid called Brandywine. Looking forward to fresh tomatoes. I usually can about 180 qts a year. Last year I had a lot of extra, so I made and canned salsa. I have some bell pepper plants and some cucumber plants to get in yet, but no hurry here in Michigan, yet. We had frost last week.

See that fancy tomato cage there? I made those. First year I lived here, I found a roll of fencing in the barn and thought....I can do something with that. So, I stole...uhmmmmm....I mean I borrowed Garrys recipocating (sp?) saw and cut the fencing up and then rolled it and made cages. He thought it was great until he got a look at his saw. I hurt it. OOppppsss.....Sorry, Garry!

Hostas are looking good and I think the Peony bush will have to be moved soon. It's outgrowing this spot. I don't want it near the house because they draw ants so bad, but I love to see it bloom.

This is the only quilty thing I've done all week. Spend some time at the dentist last week and I'll just leave it at "I hate this dental stuff". I've had a fever off and on all week, swollen face, bruised cheek bone. I had TWO AND ONE HALF HOURS OF DRILLING done. During a short break in the drilling I did ask my dentist, Dale, if he'd struck oil yet? I'm getting a bridge. I go back next Tuesday. If it didn't still hurt this badly, I'd cancel it. Anyway...have a wonderful weekend. My daughter starts driver's ed next week....pray for all of us here.....ahahahhhaha (insert evil laugh here)
I need this link on another computer that I don't have my email set up on. This is easier than setting it up, so, I'm leaving it here for myself. Odd, huh? Gracie Bag Tutorial