Friday, July 25, 2008

No one saw it arrive....

And we all know who I mean by "no one"!

Yep, big box came today from Connecting Threads. Again, I am not disappointed. I love this fabric. day in pictures so far..... I was happily working on this....

when, out of nowhere, this arrived

Giddy-ness and grinning ensued

( no pic of my giddy-ness or grinning. You can thank me later for that)

Oh oh oh...I am a happy woman.

It was all on clearance. On sale. Now, what will I do with the money I saved. That's Girl Math, ya know. If I saved say, 50 bucks buying this on clearance, I figure I can go spend the saved 50 bucks on something else. It's a great thing that Girl Math. I have explained that to Garry, and I think he understands it, but his eyes do glaze over a bit. When in doubt, I mention his new dirtbike I got him for his birthday last year and then his giddy-ness and grinning ensues too. Life is just great!

So, first is the Connecting Threads sewing kit. Now that I'm hand quilting, I really NEEDED that. Came with the fabric and pattern, in the closeout section. Bargain!

Next is the yardage. Some pink and gray. Three yards of each. If there is no plan and I just like it, I buy 3 to 5 yards and in the stash it goes. It was also on Connecting Threads closeout section and under 4 bucks a yard. I wish you could all feel this fabric....yummy! Bargain!

And then ... the fat quarters. Oh yeah, baby! Three sets, cause they to were on sale and I think it ended up being under $1.00 per fq. I think there is like 30 or so fq's per package for under 30 bucks. So....I bought three sets.

I also saved money on shipping because orders over 50 bucks are free shipping. Bargain!

More Girl Math. Add another 10 to my 50 dollar savings from earlier and now, I have 60 bucks to shop with next week. Ahhh....don't you love it when a plan comes together?

And ... the rest of this post is not garden-y. I have tomato plants that are taller than I am. I am only 5', but sheesh....I have tomato trees now.

Pics of the garden and then I'm back to YBR blocks.


Dionne said...

Regina -- I LOVE your 'Girl Math', it's a handy skill I'm sure! Also, I love your quilts. All your pictures are wonderful.

Trish said...

I'm a big fan of 'Girl Math'! Any excuse to buy more fabric... LOL! I've bought fabric and thread from Connecting Threads before and I like their stuff, too. The thread even works great in my quilting machine.

Candace said...

My husband understands the girl math, and he also understands that 1 purchase usually requires 3 or 4 more (if fabric, you need thread, etc.). He doesn't like it, but after all these years, he knows. I have some of that fabric, and it is yummy, also your veggies look yummy. I love Connecting Threads sales, in fact I got a shipping notice email today.

Amelia said...

Loved it all...fabric, flowers and veggies.

Girl, you do great on that "new math"...spend the $50 to $60.00 and let us know what you bought.

Have a great fun filled weekend.


Carol VR said...

I'mm glad you found the camera... pictures are so much fun!!!

jillquilts said...

Girl Math rocks!! I love the fabric you got! Yeah, Connecting Threads!

Mrs. B said...

LOL girl Math! I like the farbrics you got.. I am Connecting Threads fan as well. Thank you for the welcome to blogland. I love your quilty blog and I have added you to my blog daily reads!

Mrs. B

Michelle said...

Oh, you sneaky girl you. Good for you, and I love your new Girl Math!