Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Need a giggle?

Here's a good one for ya!
I'm still laughing about this one......
Enjoy.....I'm off to sew!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Been busy!

Where to start? I've been neglectful of my blog, but I have been busy. Here's what I've been working on. Found a bag pattern in this magazine..... and made myself one a couple of days ago. I love it!

I still have to put a button and closure on it, but I'm still calling it done. My daughter needs a big bag like this and loved it, so she and I are both making one today. She's very excited to set up her machine and sew with me. Cool, huh?
Next up...I have been hand quilting a top I made a while back. The quilting is completely finished and now it just needs a binding!
I had no idea how much I would enjoy hand quilting. To actually do the whole quilt....I'm thrilled. I can see more of this in my future. Here's the back, it's hard to see the quilting though.
I also love the Grandmothers Flower Garden but I was intimidated by the hand sewing of all those hexagons. No more! I can do it....wooohoooo! So, I'm making these flowers. So...that's what's been keeping me from posting on here. Is that a good excuse? Giggle! I've also been doing the usual life stuff. My friend, Val, asked me to help with a dinner for an entire town near me yesterday. So ... we cooked that all day yesterday. Roast beef, real mashed taters, corn, green beans, rolls, gravy, and a lot of desserts. It was a great turn out and was to benefit the Southern Links Trailways. Another reason I love love love living in a small town. I really enjoy all the community events I get to be a part of. Our annual Easter Egg hunt is April 4th, and that's the big event. We had over 600 people last year. 4000 eggs are a lot of eggs. They are plastic and stuffed with prize buttons and candy. Our local senior group stuffs them all for us, so we only have to hide them. A local Christian campground lets us use their facilities and it's a great time! I'm looking forward to it already! I'll be exhausted on April 5th! Ha!

Well.....Cindy bag time now. So....I'm off! Happy National Quilting Day to all!

Monday, March 16, 2009

First Quilts and "We're too poor to go to Hawaii Party"

We had our monthly craft day at our church building last Saturday. Not a lot of people came and actually several just came for lunch with us. But...the exciting friend, Jan, finished her very first quilt. She did it! Jan's Mother passed away about a year ago and she inherited her Viking Designer machine and a wealth of stash and accessories for days. She's taken a liking to sewing and it's very cool to see. she is with her first quilt!

I worked on some hand quilting and I'll post pics when it's finished. It's very close to being done. A few more hours should do it!

We have three couples from church who are all in Hawaii, so we had a "Too Poor to go to Hawaii" party. The rest of us just ate great food and hung out. The kids played games and acted goofy. I love every single one of these kids. And the coolest part is....they love me back. I love to hang with them! We only had so many grass skirts to go around. Jan and I had them on first but thankfully, there are no pics of that. It was fun and I ate too much. The second one from the right is my kid, Cindy! I think aliens have taken the real Cindy, because this one has had the best attitude for about a month now. I don't know why...but I'm so glad. She's even fun to be around again! She turned 16 in February and I think she's decided it's time to start growing up. Isn't that cool? She might even get to see 17 with this new attitude.....ha!

I'm off to have lunch with my hubby now. Then I need a copy of his birth certificate so he can go to Toronto the last weekend of this month for the Supercross Dirt bike races. He and some of the guys are all going. My friend Val and I have planned a Pajama Party at her house that weekend. Chick flicks, chocolate, pizza.....should be fun!


Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm still around. Haven't posted for a while. Feeling much better, but really behind now. Mount Laundry has taken over here. I'll be trying to reach the summit today. Floors need scrubbing, you name needs cleaning here.

I had a post all written up about my irritation with the economy and living in an automotive town/state. I am holding up on posting it, because I just can't deal with all the nasty comments I would get. Let's just say, I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore. I don't want a bunch of comments about my swearing since it's a movie quote and not my normal speech pattern.

We need to hang in there together. To all of my friends who are hanging on by a thread due to the economy, you are in my prayers. Let's help each other get through this mess. I have a friend who is losing her home. No getting out of it now. My heart is breaking for her and her family. I'm inspired by her strength. I do know where her strength comes from. I wonder if I would have it in me in such a dire time. I hope so, but you never know until you are in that position.

Edit: I'm still going to the quilt retreat in April no matter what the economy is doing. I'm going even if I have to sell a kidney on the black market. Giggle!

Maybe something quilty will be coming this week. I've had several things going. Two quilts done except for bindings. Two almost quilted on the machine and another almost done that I'm hand quilting. Hand quilting has been great while I've been under the weather. I would never have dreamed how much I enjoy that. My fingers are very sore though.

Later Gators.....