Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cathedral Windows

I've had lots and lots of questions about where does the fabric come from that you fold over the "window" piece. Well, I'm not a tutorial kinda person, but here goes. When you sew the two pieces folded fabric together you get two triangles that kind of flop there in the middle. When you lay them down they flatten into a diamond shape.

This is where you put your "window" fabric and batting piece if you choose to add batting. I did.

Your window fabric is slightly smaller than the area you are covering which gives you background fabric to curve fold over the window fabric like in the next pic with my short chubby little finger holding it....hehehehe
See the pic with the stilleto holding the fabic over the red window fabric? The fabric you use to fold over the window fabric just sort of automatically curves over the window fabric. I pin all four sides like that and then take a close look at the points of the window to make sure they line up with the window next to it. I think you are "suppose" to hand sew this down at this point, but I used what I think is a blind hem stitch and used the machine of course.

I know myself well enough that if I "had" to hand sew them all down, it wouldn't be this big ever. I need to work on keeping mine flatter when I pin them. I've noticed that if you don't, you have some puckeryness (like that's a real word, or like I spelled it right if it was). I have already figured out that it's easier for me to pin several windows and then sew the fabric over them all at once.

Hope this helps everyone that asked me about it. Again, Thank you for this tutorial for without it, I wouldn't have even attempted this quilt. Hers is a great tutorial! I loved how she suggested just cutting six pieces of background fabric in case you don't like making these. I didn't really understand how this worked when I decided to try it, but as I sewed the background fabric squares together, it started to make sense and her pics are great in that area. Anyone who tries this, let me know, I'd love to see pics of them!


Kristie said...

I love how yours is turning out! I haven't worked on mine anymore. I'm thinking I should have done my by machine like you. Mine will certainly be a long-term project! I love your fabrics that you are using.

Connie said...

That top is looking sooooo nice! I've always been intimidated by this block--you did a good job explaining it!

Quilter In Paradise said...

brave woman! I haven't gotten the courage to do one of these... it's on my "someday" list ! LOL

thanks for sharing!

vtquilter said...

Love the tutorial and your's is coming out beautifully! I may put this on the 'to do' list. We have a queen sized one my DH's great grandmother did all by hand and it is so heavy and warm! I love it.

Michelle said...

Oh, I think I like this enough to try a block or two. Thanks for getting my interest up!

Beth said...

There is another Cathedral Windows tutorial I like..she makes her basic background block by machine: here is the link: http://ajpadilla.com/tutorials/cathedral-windows

Tara said...

I just love cathedral window quilts! They are just so beautiful and have such a great "vintagey" feel!