Friday, July 4, 2008

If I were a carpenter....I'd file bankruptcy.....

...I'm building windows. Cathedral Windows, that is. And it's slow going. I don't mind that it's slow going, but it looks like I'm accomplishing nothing. Most of the time is spent cutting the squares and ironing/folding them the right way. The actual sewing time is really not much at all. I hear a lot of people who don't like the pressing/ironing, but I don't mind it at all. I added a couple more rows to it and here it is now.

I found a bag pattern in a magazine. I'd say which one, but I don't remember. So, I made a couple of them. This blue one is my second attempt. The pattern calls for using kitchen towels. I'm sure you've all seen the magazine by now. I tried the first one with just cotton and I like it but it's very flimsy. So, I tried this blue fabric and used a stablizer (?) and doubled the fabric over. I like it much better. It has body to it now. I might take the tan one apart and do the same to it. I did happen to pick up some lovely towels a few days ago and some more handles. I might have to do some more of these to break up the window building work. I also worked on my hand embroidery for a bit yesterday.

Kristie and I are having a bit of a competition to keep up with The Prolific Quilters who are in a serious competition. I think we may really just be encouraging each other to keep on keeping on..... Should be fun!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July! We'll be going to a big cookout later today. Another couple from our church family has a very big event every year. It's a great time and fun for young and old. Tomorrow, we have Garry's sister and her family coming for a cookout here. I've done nothing to prepare for it and won't be home most of today....oops! I'll get it all done tonight or in the morning. Nothing like failing to plan and working under pressure......hehehhehee


Candace said...

Your quilt may be slow going, but it is looking beautiful, and I like your bag a lot. Have a happy 4th.

Kristie said...

Enjoy your weekend!!! Love the bag! I saw it on someone elses blog too, and loved it.

I am enjoying this little competition! Nothing major, like you said, just encouraging each other along and having fun!

Randi said...

Love your windows!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Yes, the bag was in one of the latest quilting mags---I'd say which one, but I can't recall either. (giggle)

And....the Cathedral may be going slow, but SO AWESOME so far! The outcome will be well worth the time put into it!!!

( I still have that pattern bookmarked----someday, someday.......)