Monday, June 1, 2009

Smokin in the boys room......

Here's the deal. I am not smoking. I'm also not using the word "quitting". It hurts too much. I really don't want to smoke anymore. I've smoked since I was about 13. That's 37 years of it. I'm an addict. I can't believe I am. I need all the encouragment and prayers I can get. I know my Prolific people will hang with me during this. I know my friends from church will do anything to help me with it. That really helps to know people give a crap about ya.'s a question for anyone smarter than me out there....why can I not stop crying? Yesterday was easier, but not easy. Today is knocking me down. And you my head I keep thinking "if I could just lite one and then put it right back out". But that won't work. I either smoke...or I don't smoke. For the moment, I am not smoking. I can get thru today. I did manage to get my hands on some Valium and that seems to be helping a bit. And now...I'm off to the sewing room. Maybe that will be a great distraction. Any suggestions? And please don't tell me to drink lots of water. I hate drinking water and can only deal with one problem at a time! I may be posting a lot until this gets easier....I may lose my followers.....hang in there with me....

Anyone else out there who smokes and has wanted to me, leave a comment. We could do this together. I am a mess, but I do know that I am strong and can get thru it......

Later ya'll!


Moneik said...

You can do it! I'm behind you all the way. Keep your chin up and you'll get lots of sewing done.

CatQuilter said...

I KNOW how tough it is to quilt after watching DH knock the weed three years ago. I'm here for you!!!!

Call your doctor and get some medical help! I can't stress it enough. What about patch or gum? The gum helped my DH get through it - and yes he was emotional for a while too. There is a compound in cigarettes that acts as an "upper" according to him. And to be honest, why smoke? To relax, de-stress, etc. The cigarettes assist with that. So don't feel guilty or weak for one moment.

You're strong and you can do this! Think about all the fabric you can buy with what you normally spent on cigarettes!

Love you and am proud you've taken that first step!

CatQuilter said...

That's QUIT not quilt!!!!

Trish said...

We can do it together! WooHoo! Seriously, though, you should try the gum or something to make it easier.... I think you can get the gum without a prescription. There's nothing wrong with getting help!!!! I think that quitting smoking is the hardest thing I've ever done, because, like you, I smoked for over 30 years.

Amelia said...

Get a prescription of Chantix - worked beautifully for me - I did not even take the full prescription...and I was smoking better than a pack a day.

You will always want a cigarette - but you can be stronger than that.

My mantra was Phil 4:13 - "I can do all things thru God that strengthen me." Must have repeated it countless times during the first week - got better by the second week - 3 week was a breeze.

You have to want to - not just maybe or perhaps - but want to with all your might - with God's help you will succeed. THERE IS NOTHING THAT GOD CAN NOT DO!

I am rooting for you Kiddo.



Amelia said...

Another thing - Chantix is not cheap but my insurance (supplemental to Medicare) paid for half or that is a plus too!


Bethany said...

It's okay to cry. Let it all out. You are giving up something that your body isn't sure it wants too. You've lived with it for all these years and losing that comfort is terrifying.

Withdrawal is hard but you can do it! Even if it's seconds at a time, congratulate yourself. Spend time with friends. If you light up, you aren't a failure, it takes time to quit. Start again.

While I've never smoked I had to to get off some seizure medications that I had been on for years. The first few weeks were awful as my body went through withdrawal and seizure after seizure. Was it worth it? Yes! The new medication worked so much better and I'm so much better off.

You can do this :)

Regina said...

You can do it with one eye tied behind your back!!! LOL! We're here whenever you need us!

Sarah said...

I smoked for ten years and I loved it. Then I had some unusual test results from my doctor. She wasn't hard on me about it, but we both knew that quitting was in the cards. I also found it impossible to call it "quitting." Everyone had different advice for me, everybody quits differently. I just had to find my own way to break free from it.

I stepped down from cigarettes for a year. Every week I allowed myself less cigarettes per day. It was the only way I broke the habit, made it less of a presence in my daily life. By the time I was smoking 5 a day, I made a smoking schedule, a set time when I could smoke and a set time when I could. If I missed a smoke then I had to wait until the next set time for a cigarette. Eventually I finally went 7 days without a smoke...the hardest 7 days ever.

Now I can't even go back if I wanted to. I "unlearned" smoking. It holds none of the joy it once did, now it just makes my eyes itchy to be around smoke.

Smoking was how I pretty much dealt with everything, anything. I loved it the way a kid loves icecream. If I can do it, you can definitely do it.

Carol VR said...

Sorry, I can't help ya. The only thing I've ever smoked is popeye smokes...LOL

Hang in there, it will get easier.

Jen said...

You can do it you can do it you can do it you can do it!!!

I'm not saying drink just regular water. Giggle. I guess my bottle isn't such a good motivator. I suck, I shoulda read your post. I get hooked on those Crystal Light flavored packets.

Granny's Closet said...

it is a very hard habit to stop smoking. I tried 3 different times before it finally worked for me. it was one of those things, i kept thinking i have to quit, i have to quit and I woke up one day and said I quit,no more smoking. it was very hard, and I know if I were ever to light about one, I would be hooked that fast on them. I still after 15+ years of not smoking crave them.
Once you quit, you will really notice how much better the food tastes, and smells, oh my goodness.
My husband when he finally quit about 4 years ago, same thing, went to hunting camp, left his smokes behind and has not had another one sense. It is very hard. you will find that you will proably eat more, but it is better than what the smoking does to your body.
There is no easy solution or cure for stop smoking. The funny thing is for me, it was easier to finally quit smoking than it is for me to try and lose even 5 lbs. Don't be hard on yourself, you will quit when you are truly ready to stop. good luck to you.

Michele said...

That's a hard thing, but you CAN do it.

Are you saving your "cigarette money"? I know it's nowhere near the nicotine problem - no physical addition to fight - but I fixed my computer game problem by paying myself to NOT play on the computer.

So every time you manage to conquer the urge for a cigarette, stuff a couple of bucks into a jar. A GLASS jar, so you can see your progress.

And if you do break down and smoke one, don't think you've "failed". You just slipped up a little, and you can be stronger the next time because of the practice that time.

We're all behind you on this. Feel the love!