Monday, November 5, 2007

Yippeeee! Loaded up and stippling!'s loaded and half done. The pantograph just didn't work for me. I think I just need more practice to get the "feel" of the whole thing. But, fortunately, I like stippling. I like doing it and I like the look of it. Whewww....thank goodness! I guess I'm glad that it takes so little to amuse me. My husband, Garry, I'm sure would disagree, but ya know, he's a Actually, a very good man! (Just in case he ever reads this...hahhahaha)

This is my assortment of black and white fabrics. I think I'm going to add just a slash of bright red here and there in this one and do a YBR. At least that's my current plan. There are just too many patterns out there. I wanna make 'em all!
I'm off and running again now....back to the land of stippling.....


Jen said...

Yeah, I'm still fearful of pantographs too! I figure I'll give myself a few more quilts before trying to attepmt one. I could stipple all day and just be happy as a little clam.

For the Black and White YBR, I think you need a few more pieces that read black. It'll give it a little more punch. For the red, since you only want it sporatic, I don't think I'd cut one of the 6-1/2" strips for it, maybe just stay to the 3-1/2 ones? That's just my opinion though and it really doesn't mean a hill of beans!!

Michelle said...

Looks great! I agree with Jen....get some more pieces that read black. I have been collecting black and whites myself. Not sure if I'll do something for me, or my husband.

Have fun quilting on your frame. I love my frame, and can't imagine being without it.

Kristie said...

Your stippling looks great! Love the blue and yellow it this quilt. I have that in my bedroom. I made a blue/yellow quilt and actually painted my walls yellow. But can you believe that yellow it probably my least favorite color? But I really like it with blue. Seeing your quilt makes me want to make one of these.

I think the black/white/red would make a beautiful YBR. I now have that pattern, but not sure when I will get to it. Can't wait to see yours.