Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fabric, Bags, Pinwheels, Shopping

Did a bit of shopping today...yep... adding to my black and whites for my next YBR. What do you think? A bit more "even"? I'm adding just a touch of red in it too. Not much though. I'm pretty happy with these now though. I think I'm almost ready. It was a girl friends day out today, so we, Val and I, did hit some Arts and Craft fairs that were going on in the area. That was fun too. Happened upon this little jewel also, and the best part is that I managed to sneak it into the house without Garry seeing it. He has me on a Purse Diet. No more bags for he Ok. I admit it. I do have a bag fetish. And, it's not just handbags. I like to buy duffle bags, luggage, makeup bags. I just like bags. But this's find....Oh Yeah, Baby! I'm liking this one.....

Ain't she a beaute?

Worked on my pinwheels tonight and desided they are just too busy next to each stash busting, I found some and added borders....I like it much better now. I'm glad this was just made out of fq's. It's a great way to practice and learn about values. I like pinwheels a lot too.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday. Sundays are super busy here. Church in the morning, then dinner with friends, then my favorite time....Sunday afternoon nap....and back to church for Sunday night service. I know...I do go to church a lot. Three times a week. I love my church family and the time we spend in worship. It's changed my life in a lot of ways. It just works for my family. So, I'm off to bed soon, although, the movie Saharra is on, and I sure hate to miss the chance to see so much of Matthew McCuddly. I do own the movie though, so I guess I can let this one on tv go. LOL!



Gina said...

Gemma is mad about bags aswell. To be honest that''s the only girlie thing that she's into. Mind you the latest bag she bought has got the Ferrari symbol on it. Both her loves combined.

love and hugs xxx

Jen said...

Your black and whites look absolutley amazing! Great choices!!!! I love that black and red bag, it's awesome! Should you find it needs a different home.... =)

I like your pinwheel quilt too and the layout.

Kristie said...

Love your new bag. We all need to collect something. Glad you had a nice time shopping. Love your new fabrics. I think your YBR will be beautiful. I really like how you bordered your pinwheels, I think they look great.

Moneik said...

Love the black and white fabrics! I just made a b/w quilt, only mine had a hint of pink in it. It's basted and ready to be quilted. There are pics on my blog.