Thursday, January 8, 2009

This and Lots of That.....

I've been missing. I have no time lately. Business is booming, and that's a good thing. For those of you who don't know, I own a Heating and Cooling Company here in Michigan. I'm a Carrier Dealer. I actually do have lots of work stuff to do. It's getting in the way of my quilting, but I'm just trying to remember that the money from there supports my fabric addiction.

First, I really want to thank Regena for the wonderful birthday gifts she sent me a while back. I had lost my camera and just found it last night. She sent a cute fabric basket filled with goodies. She's quite a talented lady and it was just so sweet of her!

In addition to the goodies, she made me an apron, too! It's adorable and I'm one of those who actually wears aprons. I'm a very messy cook and after years of wrecking tshirts (my uniform of choice), I started wearing aprons. I love them and this one is great!
The one Regena made me is on the right, hangin' with some others. It's kind of odd to type her name, which is pronounced the same as mine, but spelled differently. Hard to type my own name with a different spelling. So....Regena....Thank you so much for the birthday gifts. I'll treasure them always and have been using my little hand sewing kit holder already! You really made my day!

I have been quilting a little. I have struggled with the whole stippling thing for a long time now. So, I made a quilt top just using 4" squares. Just some of everything. I have wanted to stipple just like AmandaJean! I'm almost there now. She has a great video of how she stipples on her blog. I sat and watched it several times. Set my machine up like she does and I was off and running. Small is the key here from my experience. And...I'm pretty much thrilled beyond belief with this one. I even tried a pieced backing on this one. I'm so tickled over it. Not a big accomplishment for a lot of you talented people out there...but a major one for me. Yippeeeeeee. follow are just more pics of it. You can see how dense the stippling is and it sorta reminds me of popcorn it's so squishy and that's a real word.....hehehehee

I like it so much that I'm working on a queen size for my bed. It's scrappy, just like me and I want to make a bunch just like it. I'll get bored with it before I do, but it's in my head for now. Oh....and my husband bought me a sewing table for Christmas. I had to order the insert for my machine. Done! But the bad news just came in. The place he got it from just called and they can't get an insert for my machine. Now they want me to go to a bigger table.'s almost double the cost of this one. Hmmmmmm......this doesn't sit well with me. I called Garry and he can deal with it. I like this table fine, but the whole point was to have a flush setup with the machine level with the table. I'm no better off at this point that I was before he spent what he did on it and it wasn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Yep, I'm a bit unhappy with this, but it will all work out, I'm sure.
Ok....that's all my news for now that I can think of. I've got company coming for dinner tonight, so I'm off to start working on that........Later!


Carol VR said...

Those fabric bags have definitely made it around the blog-ospere. I made a set of halloween ones for the kids as prizes for school.

Kristie said...

So glad you are back to posting! I think your quilt looks wonderful!!!

Trish said...

I'm the same way when I get busy, the quilting gets put aside.
Very nice job on the stippling! It looks great.
Nice to have you posting again!

Jen said...

wOAH, WAIT. WTF? When was your birthday missy???

Jen said...

Ohhh yes you're right. I'm sorry!! Your quilting is AWESOME! I made the picture super huge and then I could see it better. It really put it in perspective when in reference to your puppy dog's foot!! It looks fantastic. Good job!!!!!!