Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh yeah! Garry is da MAN!

It's perfect! I've sewed a bit now with my custom flush sewing machine cabinet cover on and I can't believe how well this went. Who ever said "Two heads are better than one"....was right. My hubby is in current genius mode. I may have to do something nice for him. Hmmmmmm.....perhaps the past 30 years of being a sweet, loving, caring, non complaining ... of forget that!....ahahahhahahaaa Sometimes I really say the funniest things to myself. Isn't it wonderful though!

Garry is in there with some very fine sand paper, sanding all the edges smooooooth right now. Oh...and he just finished waxing the whole top for me so my fabric would slide smoothly along. He rounded all the corners off so nothing will catch on them and counter sunk all the screws, too. He may be a keeper after all!

And now onto to one more thing. I really really really wanted to do the new Quiltville mystery, but just didn't have any time lately. Garry and I went to town this afternoon for him to get stuff to finish the "project" at Home Depot and wouldn't ya know it, Joann's is just across the street. He dropped me there. I had a gift card. I got fabrics for the mystery quilt! I have already seen how it turns out, so now it's no mystery to me, but seeing the finished top, just made me want to make it all the more. Hit that link and go look at it, unless you want to keep it a mystery to you! Here are the fabrics I chose to do it.
I suppose that's all my news for now. I'm sort of glad business is slowing down a bit the last few days. No posts for weeks and then a bunch in a row. Oh well...such is life!


Carol VR said...

Two posts in one day; that's excitement for ya...LOL.

Perhaps I'll have to borrow him (perhaps KIDNAPP him) and put him to work!!!

I'm sure the ransom will be minimal though.

Amelia said...

Isn't it wonderful to have such a loving kind man in your man sounds likes yours. We had better be quiet about their wonderful qualities or some old woman might steal them away from us.

Love the fabrics - show us your progress as you travel down the road of making a new quilt.

Bethany said...

So excited for you as we have the same machine. It looks fabulous and I'm so glad he did this for you. Husbands are wonderful.

Terri S said...

Your hubby did a beautiful job!! What a great sewing table!! You're going to make some lovely things there!!

Ruthie said...

You're new table looks great! I love having my machine flush with the table.

Trish said...

Very nice! He's a keeper. Enjoy the new table, it looks great.

Randi said...

He did a great job on that! Very nice.

Kim said...

I'm soooo envious! I would very much love my sewing machine dropped down flush with the table, but I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen. Of course, in another 10 years, my shoulders will be permanently attached to my ears from having to raise my arms up to quilt, and then Hubby's gonna be sorry . . . . ROFLOL!

Maureen said...

How wonderful is that! IYour husband does beautiful work and I know you will love it when its done. I should show my Dad and see if he could rig something up...but unfortunately I don't have the room for it right now. I will definitely look back at this when the time comes!

Take care and enjoy! Maureen