Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm feelin' as stuffed as the turkey

Yep, I'm still stuffed from yesterday. Not that I won't go in and nuke another plate of turkey and dressing tonight. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I got out of a lot of cooking/dishes yesterday since on Tuesday I had an accident with the rotary cutter. Back in Sept of 07, I cut my finger half off with it and then Tuesday I did it again. Didn't cut it quite as bad this time. Last time, I got six or seven stitches in my finger. This time, the Dr. said I didn't have enough skin on one side of the cut to sew it up.'s bandaged and nasty. I have a pic at the end of this post, so if you're squeemish....don't look!

Been working on my half framed four patches.

These are so simple and mindless. Just what I currently need...
After I put those together, I decided to use up some more scraps and make more with a smaller frame.'s the finger....I highly suggest everyone be very careful with those cutters.... It really makes my so angry at myself when I do something like this. If I could just turn back time for 30 seconds, I know I would slow down and think before I do stupid stuff like this. The tendonitis is on the mend and I can use my right arm again. Turn 50 and look what happens! Oh well, I'm still above ground!


Amelia said...

If if would help I would groan for you to make your finger get well sooner. What a pain to have to deal with something like that at this time of the year.

Quilt looks great!

Sara said...

I love the framed 4-patch. That looks great and I love the colors on it. I also better not show your pictures of your finger to my husband, he would take my cutter away. I hope it feels better soon!

Linda said...

Let me say a couple of things:

First one...OUCH!
2nd one: 50 is not old...
3rd one: Happy Late Birthday and
Lastly: I hope you get well quickly, had a great birthday, had a great Thanksgiving and your quilt looks great! Hugs, Linda

Carin said...

OUCH!!! At least the quilt is beautiful!

Carol VR said...


I always love the colour combinations you put together... great work!!!

CatQuilter said...

Ouch!!!!!!!!!! I feel your pain - I did the same thing a year ago.

be careful out there!

Lise said...

all I can say is, ouch,,, your finger looks like mine did few years back,,, did the same thing and was worried not about finger but about the fabric I was cutting for my quilt LOL...daughter was a little upset about that lol...time heals, well, finger but ego sorry Lise