Saturday, November 29, 2008

Breaking News!

Husband in Michigan washes dishes and lives to tell about it!

It's all true! Cut finger half off = husband has to do dishes! It's the only upside to the finger slicing I did this past week! I got the pics to prove he actually washed dishes!

Now I'm not saying he enjoyed it, but he didn't even complain. I've only seen this happen a handfull of times in over 20 years. It's quite a big deal here in ReginaLand. It's definately blog worthy. He also had to shower me and wash my hair. TMI? I don't get this kind of treatment often. Gotta enjoy it while I can. On the flip side, Cindy is really sick. She's been in bed for two days. Sore throat, ear ache, stuffy nose, cough. Sound like a cold? Well, hmmmm...could it be that a 15 year old girl doesn't dress for the weather? could be. It's all about looking cool, of course. Gotta wear the tank tops under the hoodies to get outta the house in the morning and freeze all day at school.'s all good if she looks "in style". I remember those days.......


Gina said...

Gemma's the same as Cindy. Just because it's freezing doesn't mean she's got to wear a coat.

So the way to get your man to do the housework is to chop your finger off. Nah the price is too high. I'll stick to nagging.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kristie said...

Wow! He is a keeper!!! So nice that he takes care of you while you are down! Richard is the same way!

I sure hope Cindy feels better soon! Andrew is the sameway! Thinks he just needs a t-shirt when it is 20 degrees!

Cindy said...

That's too funny! LOL Sorry your luxury came at the price of your finger :0) Hope it's healing quickly so we can see some more of your beautiful quilting. As far as teens... My daughter is twelve and wore capri pants to Thanksgiving dinner and then went for a walk with us afterward. Yep, no coat either. Had to wear her Dads. I think eventually they will learn...hopefully. :0)

Beth said...

I hope everyone is on the mend! I LOVE your half framed four patches! That idea will make an appearance in my new sketch book!