Sunday, March 30, 2008

Orange Crush Mystery Quilt

I have finally chosen my fabrics for the new mystery quilt starting April 1st from Bonnie at I'm getting very excited about it now. I've tried to sort of ignore it all until it was closer time for it to start. Avoiding driving myself nuts in anticipation! So far, so good. But now... I'm ready! So ready! Of course, I bought double the fabric she told us we needed. I'm just going to claim it's for my stash, which was looking somewhat sad.

I also got all my scraps cut and ready to go for the Orange Crush. Why do sliced up fabrics look so yummy? They just scream.... "Sew Me, Sew Me". I'm telling them to be calm ... we'll get there soon....ahahhahaa!

I've also been making more Star Struck blocks, also a pattern from Bonnie at Quiltville. I've got 92 blocks made for that one. I love it and already made one but decided I needed another. She has another pattern I'm going to work on between clues for the mystery, I think. It's called Fun with Bricks. You can see it here: I do wish I knew how to make those "links" to other sites. I don't. Maybe I'll spend some time trying to figure it out one day. Right now, it would require too much thought.

My friend, Val, has been sewing for years and years. The woman has more fabric than most fabric stores. She prefers dressmaking and such more than quilting. That means she has loads and loads of scraps. So, she invited me to come over Friday and go through all her fabrics and take what I wanted. I just couldn't bring myself to take her cotton yardage. But I did hit all the scrap bins she had and came home with a giant garbage bag full of scraps. Perfect for me. I've spent the past two days ironing, sorting, folding, cutting, ok...fondling all of it. I refolded and sorted all my fabrics and now they look much nicer.

Thanks to all of you who have sent the wonderful messages to me about my son and that whole situation.

Sundays are such long days for us. Sunday school at 10, church service at 11, then most Sundays a large group of us go out to dinner. We went to Lucky's today, a local Steakhouse. It was great. My biggest downfall with food is bread and butter and potatoes. They bring out these big fresh loaves of bread and butter and OH MY! I don't really know why I order anything else, I could just eat that and be happy. Not that I did that....I ordered a steak and baked sweet potato. I recently heard that sweet taters are much better for ya than regular potatoes. I don't know if it's true, but it was soooo good. Then we didn't get home from dinner til after 3 and we go back to church services at 6 again. So, now I'm tired and I spent way too long in heels today. So, time to curl up in my rocker and pretend to watch some tv with hubby and then off to bed.


Amelia said...

Love those colors...especially the orange one!

Amelia in Oklahoma

Carol Van Rooy said...

I'm with Amelia... love the orange fabric.

Kristie said...

You're killing me!!! :) I don't have my fabrics ready and you already have them cut! I think I have enough blue and black in my stash. I have orange but not enough of one fabric so I will have to buy that along with the rest of it. I don't even have any strips cut! Maybe I can do some of it tomorrow since Hunter will be back in school. I will be a few days behind since I will have to shop probably Friday for the other fabric!

Amanda said...

I was going to wait to see what it was all about before cutting, but your strips do look so 'ready'! I'm so glad the StarStruck is working out - I've got the instructions printed out and hope to make it soon.

Beth said...

Did you see that Bonnie already posted the 1st clue!!? She said "Aprils FOOLS!" I am going to send you an e-mail to tell you how to post a link...let me know if you have any questions. My Orange Crush is going to be red/blue/gold and black...hope that works!

Randi said...

I love your starstruck blocks!

Anonymous said...

Love your site and your work, speed and all.
Your 4 patches are looking great and so do your star struck blocks.
Great work.