Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tis the Season....

So much going on here. Just like with everyone else this time of year. I have most of my shopping finished, with the exception of the husband. What to get him? We had a deal that we were not buying for each other, since we both just had birthdays, but he cheated and I know he blew it! So...what does he want? Not a clue here. When asked, he tells me socks and underwear. It's just a joke with us that when a kid gets that soft squishy package from under the tree, they just know it's socks and underwear. Not a clue! I think the best plan is to call Pat, his BFF, and see if he has any wonderful ideas.

We all went to the Chamber of Commerce dinner last night. We have a member who is the nicest guy and runs a Christian Campground. He decorates like crazy for Christmas and after we had dinner there were horse drawn carriage rides thru the campground to see all the lights. It was so nice of him to do all this for us and dinner was lovely. Sorry about the pic quality, but I took it with my cell phone.

And! It's Jen's birthday! Click on her name, and drop by her blog to wish her Happy Birthday. Jen has been a great friend. When I first started quilting, she was so kind and understanding with me when I had a million "stupid" questions. She's shared tricks and tips with me for a couple of years now and has been a constant inspiration. Jen's been touring barns in her home state and posting pics of them. Go look...they are amazing. And of course, she's making the blocks too! I was fortunate to get attend a retreat with her last year and I'm hoping it happens again, maybe with a smaller, more intimate setting, so we can actually get to hang out more! Whatcha think, Jen?

Well, I'm off to the sewing room. I've got lots of projects going on and need to finish some! That's the plan for today. Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope this season brings each of you Joy, Peace, and Love!


CatQuilter said...

Doesn't everybody get more difficult to buy for as the years roll by? My hubby told me not to buy him anything for Christmas, but I didn't listen.

Have fun in the sewing room! I'll be in my sewing room in a few hours


Linda said...

Sounds like a great dinner,excellent company, and a fun evening! I am home today since school is closed due to the storm. I hope to make it to the sewing machine to work on Christmas gifts!

Jen said...

So here I am, half asleep clicking along on my google reader, not paying attention to whose blogs I'm breezing through (Sigh, I have like 800 unread blogs...I guess I haven't read in a few days!!) and I run across you, and then my name! You ROCK! And, you know my feelings on retreat...we're goin baby!! I found the most warped christmas ornaments today. I must make them. I seriously thought of you when I saw them. So, if I get it to turn out, there will be one on the way to ya. That is, if you put up a tree instead of a festivus pole this year. Personally we went the Charlie Brown christmas tree route. Anyway, it involves brown felt and rick rack...of which Mom is headed to the store tomorrow to buy for us. Muah hahahahaha. Giggle.

Ok, seriously...I must go to bed. thank you for the Birthday wishes!!