Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Say a prayer please.....

Edit: We heard in church yesterday, that while Kaden is having some side effect issues, he did have one day with NO seizures! God is Great! Thank you all for the prayers on his behalf. He's a gift from God and I feel sure that we will learn a lot from Kaden.

So, we have this adorable new addition to our church family. His name is Kaden. He's so beautiful! Kaden's mom, Tiffany, posted on facebook the following. "Say an extra prayer today for little Kaden. We are being admitted to Hurley Hospital tonight to start ACTH therapy. Hopefully this will get those darn seizures to stop! Check out kadens website/blog. Made it to keep friends and family up to date on the latest. http://kadensjourney-tiffany.blogspot.com/.

This baby has been through so much in his life already. Any time of year, this situation would be tough, but it's got to be even harder while we celebrate Christmas. Brandon and Tiffany's FAITH has inspired me. So if you wouldn't mind including him and his family in your prayers, I'd really appreciate it. I put a link in my sidebar to the blog they have created. It explains his condition way better than I ever could. And there's pics of Kaden! Oh man...I could just squeeze him up. Their family sits ahead of me a couple of rows in church every Sunday morning. Since Kadens' birth, I haven't heard a word our preacher has said because I'm just oogling Kaden the whole time. Of course, I think there's a lot he can teach me too! Thanks Everyone!


Amelia said...

Pray is something I can do for Kaden and family.

May God give them the peace they need as they make this journey thru life at this point.

Mel said...

I will defienately send up a prayer for Young Kaden.

God bless you,

Linda said...

Holding Kaden and his family in prayer! Praying the Lord will bless them and hold them in His loving and healing arms!