Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wanna look around where I live?

Ok...if you want to, I'll show ya around. Not too exciting really, but I'm bored and lazy today.
So here goes. My driveway is lined with Silver Maple Trees on both sides all the way to the house. I love these trees. I love most trees.
These are the trees on both sides. Pretty dreary here today. No sunshine, but lots of Severe Thunderstorm Warnings.
This is one of my favorite trees on the property. I have several acres with woods on two sides. This is a very old Shag Bark Hickory. This pic doesn't do it justice. It's so rough and yet somehow majestic in its size. Can you see the rope swing hanging from it? It's on the right side of the trunk of the tree hanging from one of the branches. Hard to spot in the pic. The smaller pic is of several more Shag Barks.
I did get all my mater plants in this week. I cut back this year by a lot. I only put in 48 mater plants this year. Half are romas and half are a local hybrid called Brandywine. Looking forward to fresh tomatoes. I usually can about 180 qts a year. Last year I had a lot of extra, so I made and canned salsa. I have some bell pepper plants and some cucumber plants to get in yet, but no hurry here in Michigan, yet. We had frost last week.

See that fancy tomato cage there? I made those. First year I lived here, I found a roll of fencing in the barn and thought....I can do something with that. So, I stole...uhmmmmm....I mean I borrowed Garrys recipocating (sp?) saw and cut the fencing up and then rolled it and made cages. He thought it was great until he got a look at his saw. I hurt it. OOppppsss.....Sorry, Garry!

Hostas are looking good and I think the Peony bush will have to be moved soon. It's outgrowing this spot. I don't want it near the house because they draw ants so bad, but I love to see it bloom.

This is the only quilty thing I've done all week. Spend some time at the dentist last week and I'll just leave it at "I hate this dental stuff". I've had a fever off and on all week, swollen face, bruised cheek bone. I had TWO AND ONE HALF HOURS OF DRILLING done. During a short break in the drilling I did ask my dentist, Dale, if he'd struck oil yet? I'm getting a bridge. I go back next Tuesday. If it didn't still hurt this badly, I'd cancel it. Anyway...have a wonderful weekend. My daughter starts driver's ed next week....pray for all of us here.....ahahahhhaha (insert evil laugh here)
I need this link on another computer that I don't have my email set up on. This is easier than setting it up, so, I'm leaving it here for myself. Odd, huh? Gracie Bag Tutorial


Carol Van Rooy said...

I never realized how close you live in realtaion to the many foreign bloggers I've met online.

Your practically across the bridge at Sarnia ... or is it Windsor???

I geographically challenged despite having spent 2.5yrs studying it at University.

Perhaps if you get to many 'maters',, you could toss me some across the border HEHEHE

Kristie said...

How lovely!!! I just love the outdoors. We have our "Maters" out too. I can't wait to start eating them. We have already been eating our lettuce and onions.

I love the quilt, very nice! How big are you making it? I sure hope you are feeling better. I hate dentists too.

Candace said...

Enjoyed the tour, and I also like your quilt very much. I've been studying it a little, and I think that it is really neat. I'm going to add it to quilts I want to make. My husband had a 2 hour dentist appointment this week, too. It's no fun at all.

Amanda said...

I'm empathising with you - I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday for crown preparation and bridge preparations - and then he found some decay under the filling in the next door tooth!!! Ghastly. I love your garden, so much of it. Brilliant trees.

Amelia said...

So enjoyed the tour of your place. You do raise a lot of tomatoes if you canned that much last year. We just eat ours fresh and give away the over flow.

Dentist wise...just finished a couple of weeks ago with fillings and a glad that is behind me now. With being retired and not having dental insurance now I hope nothing new comes up.

Have a great weekend.


Julie said...

Funny how different our weather is and we live in the same country! I live in Alabama and I picked my first "mater" yesterday! BLT!!!!!! It has been too hot to get out and work in the yard in the middle of the day here. And you had frost last week? Wow!
I love your blog. So colorful. Good luck with your dental problems.

Regina said...

The trees are lovely, the maters look great (mine go in this weekend - peppers too) and I just love that quilt.

...and all the reading I have done on Peonies says the peony ants prefer the plants and probably won't come in your house - the type of ant that will come in is a different ant, so you can pretty much plant them wherever you like.

Randi said...

Your hostas look so pretty. I didn't notice (in time) that mine were coming up this spring, and my pet rabbit did notice. Boohoo...I have hosta "stubs". It's amazing how fast she can mow them down.

jillquilts said...

Great trees! Thanks for the pics! And I likethat quilt you've got going on! Good luck with the driver's ed!

jillquilts said...

Tag! You're it! See what to do on my blog!

Connie said...

That is an amazing amount of tomato plants! I have 8 in my little garden--nothing tastes better than fresh, warm tomatoes right out of the garden.

Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed reading your blog once again, love you scrappy quilt, might have to make one.
Also the BRB looks great.
Sorry to read about your pain at the dentist, do know what its like, as I have had all my amalgon fillings taken out and had all my teeth crowned,hmmm yes it cost a fortune, but I love the result.


Sandy said...

Thank you for the wonderful *walk* amongst your trees.

Your scrap quilt from pinwheels and 16 patches looks interesting, might have to do that one myself sometime.
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks too for visiting my blog.

Sandy in South Australia