Saturday, April 12, 2008

Craft Day...A SUCCESS

Craft Day takes so long to arrive and goes by so quickly. It was a wonderful success again this month. We had a lot more women come and go through out the day. The fellowship with these women ROCKS the house down. There's Jan working on her Jigsaw Puzzle quilt top. Do you see an actual MAN in one of those pics? That's Dave. He heard there was food! Actually he just stopped by to see us then he was on his way to my house to meet the guys to go to the supercross. He's visiting with our scrapbookers, Lisa, her mom Mary and Audrey.
That young lady in the pink is my girl Brianna. She's one of my youth group kids and my buddy. I just love that kid. She's so lovable. She was our youngest scrapbooker and she knows what she's doing.
And those three women (?) there....that's my BFFL Val, Sharon and my daughter Cindy. Cindy is making a dress now. I'm glad she's got Val for that cause I do not have a clue about making clothes. Val says I could do why? Cindy thinks it's just too cool. And...that makes me happy. That beautiful woman holding the pillows is Julia. Julia and her husband built our church. She's quite the woman. She tells me that I'm "delightful". Of all the things I've been called over the years, delightful is a new one. I kinda like it. Those two women with her are sisters, Tess and Terry. Great women, also.
Another young man, there? Yep, that's P.J. He's heading to off with the guys to supercross too. This couldn't have worked out better for several of us. Lisa, the scrapbooker's hubby and son went with my hubby too.

And...For my big accomplishment of the day.....TAAAAA DAAAAAAAA...... I finally finished putting my Carolina Crossroads top together. I don't know why I've been dragging my feet on it, but I had been. Now....borders....hmmmmmmm

Having friends for dinner after church tomorrow. Better go finish up the preparation. Lots and lots to do.....


Michelle said...

First of all, isn't it great getting together with friends? It makes me feel so good to see young girls who are interested in doing projects like these, and being involved.

We had our quilting day today too. We had a great time, learning as a group to applique.

I love your quilt top! Good job!

jillquilts said...

I can't wait for the retreat this weekend for the same reason - great people and good food! Your CC quilt looks great!!! What color are you thinking for the borders?

Amanda said...

It all sounds like such great fun. I haven't come across this sort of day in the UK

Kristie said...

Sounds like everyone had a blast!!! I wish we did something like that here. I do have some of my Mom's friends that want to get together with me and sew, funny how they are friends of hers and I don't have any of my friends my age that quilt.

I LOVE your quilt! It is sooooo pretty! I just hope my Orange Crush turns out that nice. This is my first mystery so I am a bit nervous. But all of Bonnie's patterns turn out wonderful.

Lori said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you do for borders.

Get togethers are so much fun. I always leave with more things added to my " To Do" list.:)

Linda C. said...

Love your Carolina Crossroads. I didn't do that one, but it's in my future!

Kucki68 said...

I really like the way your CC turned out, such clear accents!