Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloweenie!

Ahhhhh....the joys of Halloween. Our small town does a Halloween Extravaganza at the Township Hall. I love small towns. They set up barbecue areas and supply hot dogs, apple cider, popcorn. Everyone comes out and participates. I'm treasurer of our Chamber of Commerce, so I spent the evening standing in the rain giving all the kids (and parents) popcorn. I was wet and freezing and had a blast. I love this stuff. All the kids just make me smile. My daughter, who we adopted when she was seven, never wants to try anything new. She's just very shy. She's 14 now and yep, that's her in the pic. I have never been shy. We are total opposites, probably due to our early childhood differences. I push her to try everything. She ended up having a wonderful time. She just loves it when I push her to do new things and it makes my heart soar to see her come out of her shell. She's adorable too btw. But I'm still soggy.......

On the quilty front, I did make some blocks today. It's from another website and I don't really know procedure to give credit where credit is here is where I got it.

She's awesome and I love her blog too! Several of you bloggers have become a part of my everyday life and I feel like I even know some of you. Seems so strange, but fun.
This is "Ethel", my machine. It's a Viking Sapphire 830, named after my Grams who passed away just a few years ago at the ripe age of 98. She quilted her entire life, by hand. No machines used for any part of it. Seemed only fitting that I name her Ethel. I don't know what to name the frame/machine. With all the thread breakage, she may end up named OsamaB. Think that's fitting? OK....I won't go that far and I'm sure I'll figure out the problem at some point. Just frustrated right now. No matter where I set the tension, I can only quilt about five minutes and....needle thread breaks. I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong, just don't know what as of yet.

It's so odd to be moved to the living room. I've lived in this house 5 or 6 years and never used that room. I have this wonderful family room that's big and all windows and bright. Beautiful hardwoods that I had put in this past summer and it's just always been "my" room. Pay no attention to the mess in there, as it was when we were having the floors installed and nothing was where it was suppose to be. Those two pics are only half of the room. I just can't show my office part due to my disorganized desk. It's bad. And now....this room belongs to everyone. Fine...I'm sharing! But I don't have to like it.
I guess that's it for the ramble. Did you all notice that General Hospital is on my television?
Any suggestions for a name for the frame/machine would be great.


Bren said...

Never an intrusion!!! Thanks for visiting. Your daughter has AMAZING eyes!! I named my machine Betty (it is a White) but call her Endora as she is not very nice.

Kristie said...

Your daughter is very beautiful. I'm sure you are very proud of her. I love your new blocks, Nancy has a great blog. Your Halloween Extravaganza sounds like a blast. Wish we did that around here. Love the photos of you house, it looks very pretty.

Jen said...

Gosh, your living room is HUGE!!! The color of your hard wood is just beautiful!