Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shopping....aka Therapy......

I'm making a log cabin quilt. It's currently in two pieces and then it will officially be a flimsy! I can't decide on a border. I've "auditioned" several fabrics, but...none seem to work. Blue or white or cream all just wash out the blocks. I've almost decided on a burgandy. It's the best choice so far.

It makes the blocks stand out. I tried a dark gray and a light gray. It didn't work at all. Well, this decided it for me. Burgandy it is. I should be able to finish this and add border tomorrow. I'd like to start quilting it tomorrow, too, but I doubt I'll manage that.

Connecting Threads had a sale, so. Here comes therapy part. In the basket are 99 coordinating fat quarters. Yep, blues and creams and some wine colored fat quarters. I don't have a plan for them yet, but they are just so pretty and I love their fabrics.

Then there was the clearance fabrics, so....why not? Several yards of each. Sure, I'll take it. I also got some fusible 1/4" green quick bias. Just in case I ever learn to applique. You never can be too prepared, I hear.

More fat quarters from Connecting threads.

And then we get to the real therapy/shopping part. One of our local Wallyworld's is getting rid of their fabric department. Yep, it's all half off. How could I say no to that? Garry, of course, is still trying to get back on my good side, as if I have a good side, so HE thought it might be a good idea if I went over there and stocked up.

Now, of course, I couldn't say no. So all this fabric stack up in these pics are what I bought there. Some of it are 10 yard cuts and some are 2. Ok...most are 3 or 5 yards. I have no idea how much I bought. But...I bought a lot.

Now where am I going to put it? The shelves have very little space left on them. Maybe I'll have to go get some more shelves tomorrow.

Can you see my evil grin?


Amelia said...

Love all the fabric...looks like you struck the jack pot...when the rumon was alive that our Wal-Mart was closing their fabric dept some time back I bought up quite an array of colors and patterns. Turned out they will be having fabric for another year or so...but thats okay I am set. I probably have enough to make 20 quilts or so and that does not count scrappy ones. Sure hope God lets me live long enough to make them all.

Have a blessed week.


Kristie said...

Okay, Regina, I am soooooo jealous of all that fabric!!! Right now it is looking like it will be months before I get to buy new fabrics! Lucky You!!! I'm sure you will use alot of it this Winter! Love the log cabin quilt, I can't wait to see the border on it! So what do you plan on working on after you get it finished??

Suzan said...

Garry had better make up with you soon or there won't be any funds left in your account!! LOL!
Love your log cabin quilt...Cranberry and burgundy are opposite blues on the color wheel so I am sure the burgundy will look great and really set off the blocks well.

Trish said...

Holy Moly Batgirl! That's a LOT of fabric! I have been closely monitoring hubby, waiting for him to screw up so I can go shopping, but he's not taking the bait.... LOL

Lori said...

I giggle as I read! Oh that Connecting Threads.How dare they have a sale!;0)
Your Fabbies are very Pretty.
I love your log cabin flimsy too. I can't wait to see what you decide to do with the borders. Its fun to be a little naughty...Yes???

Carol VR said...

Wow...that's plenty of fabric for sure.

I'm sure you'll be in heaven for some time playing with that.

Babs Schmidt said...

All I can say is WOW! What a haul! Have fun playing with it!

Carin said...

oooohhhh beautiful fabric! Your log cabin is fantastic too.

Regena Brennan said...

Fun blog. Thanks for looking at mine and leaving a note behind.
I think I will be back again.

vtquilter said...

Wow! Lots of beautiful fabric. Love the log cabin... that would look good in my bedroom!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Ummm yummy colors, better than chocolate even!

Miri said...

Great log cabin-I love the yellow center. Beautiful fabrics too.

Michelle said...

It looks like you have NO reason not to be productive in the quilting/sewing world. Congratulations on such good bargains. I love it when I can just go to my stash and 'shop' when I want to start a project. I make due with whatever I have on hand in most situations.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Trish almost said exactly what *I* was going to...
Holy Fabric Batman!!!

Some of your comments on this post have made me flat out snort milk out my nose! Suzan's comment out making up or you'll run out of funds had me in stitches!!! (HA! No pun intended)

Wow---thanks for sharing and making ALL OF US pea-green with envy!

Regena Brennan said...

Hey Regina
I like the look of your log cabin. Did you finish it with the burgandy border? and how does it look?
Hope you have a great week :o}

Julie said...

Thats the most intensive "therapy" session I've witnessed in a while. Jealousy is a curse.