Monday, June 21, 2010

Summertime ...Yay!

Not much sewing going on this past week, but the garden is in! Maters, 42 plants, which means lots of canning later on. A few green beans, green pepper and cucumber plants. My garden is inside the fenced in dogs area. Four dogs and the rabbits are still managing to eat some plants. They chewed my green beans down to nubs. Last night we decided to use some chicken wire and add another fence around the garden. Those darn bunnies! So cute, but...I am not planting for them!

Had dinner at Val's house Friday night. Great dinner. Had lunch at Val's house after church yesterday. Great lunch. She loves to feed people! I'm so glad...giggle! Went shopping with Patti and Cindy on Saturday. Had to get the perfect gift for Garry. Yep...Home Depot gift card. Hadn't been to church in a while with all the going up north and stuff, so it was great to go yesterday.

Heading downstairs to attack Mt. Laundry today. Feels like a Beatles day, so maybe that will keep me moving! Plan to do some sewing between loads. Patti and I are heading to the cabin on Thursday when she gets out of work and coming back Monday evening. I need to get those curtains done for the cabin! Also, want to work on my paper pieced log cabin blocks. Looking forward to Thursday! wooohooo!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Special hugs to the wonderful Jen!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's officially a top!

Yep. It's a quilt top. Hope to pick up a backing this week and get 'er quilted.
Fair warning. The pic below is not a pretty picture. It shows the side effects of double hour glass fever. Passing out under a chair is to be expected at some point. Have a friend handy to help ya up! Giggle!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Madness Continues.....

Patti is copying me! LOL! She's got "double hour glass fever", too!

And it grows..... and now...back to it!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm begging....

This is for all you wonderfully talented, creative, inspiring blogging quilters out there in Blog Land! I'm begging you to stop posting tutorials, cute patterns, cute quilts, and all the other wonderful crafty stuff you do. I'm drowning in all of it. Now, I only want you to stop for a short time. Just until I try every one of those cute patterns, tutorials, etc. I'm doing my absolute best to start each and every one of them I find! I don't seem to be able to finish any, due to finding another one and immediately starting another one. Ok. I'm re-thinking this. Go ahead. I've got stash. I can do them all. Sure I can. Post away! heheheheeee!

So. Here's today newest one. Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew has this great tutorial on double hour glass blocks. I love it! I did want to use a specific size strip for mine so some math was required. It came out great though. Here's how far I've gotten on this adventure.
Craft day at church is this Saturday, and I'm going to try to go this time. I missed the last couple and I really miss those women. I want to work on my paper pieced log cabin blocks, but I didn't have an acrylic table for my smaller machine. I was talking to a friend about getting some foam and making a portable table to use. My dear husband decided he could make me one. Off to the plastic place he flew! And now, for a really cheap price, I have a portable table. Wanna see?

I love love love love the fact that my husband is handy. There's nothing he won't attack and figure out and then make. I love lighthouses and several years ago he built me a 6 foot wind chime light house for outside. He used copper pipe of different sizes for the chimes. Unfortunately, it weighted a ton and finally, after several years, it broke. But, it's repairable and boy was it cool. So...I am heading back to the many projects I have started......oh man.....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Same pattern....different fabric

I did the same thing when I found the Bento Box pattern. Made it over and over and over and over again. Now, it's the pattern from my last post. I'm in love with this pattern. The most lovely young lady from church and her adorable hubby are expecting a baby in August and the shower is the end of July. She's doing her nursery in blue and brown. I hope this will be the perfect gift for the new baby boy! And now...back to the sewing...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Moda Bake Shop Pattern

I saw this pattern on the Moda Bake Shop site and just fell in love with it. I've been hording some fabrics forever and decided....what the heck! Let's cut those up now! So..cut them up I did. I really like this easy! Lousy pic since I used my phone! It looks so much better in person!

Also, the Cre8tive Jen is hosting a HST swap. Stop by and look it over. It might be something that would interest YOU! I'm in and plan to start making mine tomorrow! Should be fun!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Snow? Michigan? In June?

Ok...not real snow, but there are snowballs everywhere! When Garry had the cabin full of stuff last week and I couldn't make curtains, I HAD to do something and I didn't have a lot of fabric with me. This is what I came up with to pass the time. I made a lot of snowballs. A LOT! Now, to get them all put together. I kinda like it! Garry is working today. Cindy is going to the opera with Val. I'd sooner eat a bug as to go to the opera, but to each his own. They are seeing Phantom of the Opera. I think it's at MSU. I'm going to do some laundry and keep thowing snowballs at my machine. Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me! Hope you all are staying cool and enjoying a great weekend, too!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Home again....

Yep. Home, again. I really didn't want to leave the cabin yesterday, but the real world was calling and I had to come home. Garry got the shower installed. It's only been sitting there in the cabin for about 8 years. That's right, I said 8 years. It may be 10 years, but I'm giving him that one. I mean, after that long, what's two more years? Ha! When I say we have a cabin, I do mean cabin. We have 10 acres and it sits on the AuSable River. Garry's Grandparents bought it before he was born. They paid 10 bucks an acre back then. It's only two rooms and the bath. The main cabin area, the larger room, has two beds, the kitchen, and old fuel oil heater, a kitchen table. The front room is mostly windows and although it's not a porch, we refer to it as the porch. There is another bed in there, couch, tv, wardrobe. I love it up there. It's in the middle of nowhere, on a dead end two track road. It's not that far from the town, but it feels like it is. I sewed while Garry worked on the shower. My plan was to make some new curtains for the cabin, but he had all that area full of tools, the toilet, the sink, the know. Stuff! I figured it best for me to just stay out of the way if I actually wanted it finished. On Sunday night a couple of guy friends showed up. Ben, from church, and Pat, who I refer to as my Husband # 2. He and Garry have been friends forever and he's one of the best people I have ever known. They rode dirtbikes Monday and Tuesday, so I had peace and quiet for two days. I cleaned. And cleaned some more. I stopped going to the cabin about 5 or 6 years ago, so it hadn't been really cleaned in a long time. It's much better now. So..I took some pics.....My weekend in photos.....
My sewing area!

The cabin....

1 and 2 cut down a tree that was half dead. It was close to the cabin and in the fenced in area we have for the dogs.

Twas a great weekend. I can't wait to get rid of those green curtains. Next trip up there....