Thursday, November 29, 2007


Ok...all day long I felt sorry for my other babies that I didn't put their picture on here. I know....I'm odd. So, these are my other three babies. Tator Tot on the right, he's the Dad/Hubby. Popcorn is on the left, she's the Mom/Wife, and the middle one is QtipGirl, Tat and Pops baby girl. Yeah, we refer to them as the Tot family. Now I'm done. They got equal time. Nothing quilty, but I have been knitting today. My tailbone still hurts from my fall. I don't

Bored, Sick kids, dogs.....

This is one of my favorite pics. Why is that? Tis the season? I just wanted to share this morning. Nothing quilty about it, but it makes me laugh. My daughter is home sick this morning. Just a cold I think. Sore throat and the like.

This is one of my babies. Actually, my oldest dog, Mugsy. Someone gave him to me, cause I've got "Sucker" written across my forehead. He's really a great dog and Cindy's favorite of our four. Just thought I'd share a bit of my life. I'll post the other three dogs another time. And the parrot.....that's another story....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ahhhh....Survived Thanksgiving......

Ahhhh...I'm back.....

Yes, I survived Thanksgiving. Although, I did slip and fall down my deck stairs on Thanksgiving Day (also my birthday). We decided to go to the movies that evening and out I went and down I slid. Garry says I don't "bounce" well. So, bruised ribs and tailbone. Lots of black and blue spots in places you don't even wanna know about, but I'm ok. Nothing broken. That's the important thing.

I did a bit of sewing today. Haven't been doing much because sitting hurts my hiney....just what you all wanted to hear, right? I made a little quilted rug for my french doors that come in the family room from the deck. I have four, yeah..four, little dogs. I used to breed Maltese pups and I have the mom, Popcorn, the dad, TatorTot, and one of the first pups, Qtip. I also have a Shitzu. I'm pretty much a sucker for any animals so it's a zoo. I also have a Parrot named Purdue. He's a nightmare. Anyway, I thought a cute little rug by the back door might be good for the pups to "wipe" their little feet on now that we have snow on the ground. Well, that's my little week at a glance. Think I may miss my Bible study class tonight. Just not up to moving around enough to get dressed for it. The colors are actually red and greens but they look pink. Hmmmm..... Hope you are all well....see ya soon......

Friday, November 16, 2007


I suppose you've all seen these already. Since I'm new to this quilting world, these are new to me. And...everyone I know wants one now. And...I love it! It has made me so happy for everyone to think these are cool and want me to make them one. So far, I'm using them as "thank you" gifts, and "just thinking of you" gifts and such. It only takes three fat quarters to make them. Here are a few of them that I've made. They don't take long at all to finish. The thing that takes the longest is the binding. Even my 9th grade daughter had to have a couple. I didn't think she'd think they were cool enough for her. You know kids. And now her friends are all wanting one! Maybe they would make a nice xmas gift for my daughter to make for them. I did buy her a Viking sewing machine too a couple of months ago.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I've got a Chamber of Commerce Arts and Crafts Fair to work tomorrow, then a trip to the hospital to see Val. Sunday is church day and we've got a lot to be thankful for with the great news on Val today. It's like Christmas around here. My daughter loves her too and started crying when she heard the news. Tears of joy really rock.

Great News!!! goes. I just got home from the hospital, where my friend Val had her surgery this morning. I got up there about 5:30 this morning so that I could spend some time with her before she went in. Her spirits were good and she said that with so many people praying for her, she'd have to be strapped to the table so she wouldn't float away. And here it is....they appear to have gotten all the cancer. In addition to this great news there was a question of having to cut her facial nerves because this type of cancer travels on the nerve endings. This would have caused facial deformities and loss of the use of her lower lip and one eye. They DID NOT have to cut any of the nerves. She will have a slight dent in her neck under her ear due to the removal of some lymph nodes. That's all.....just a dent! The doctor even went so far as to say that she may not have to have radiation therapy. That's still a maybe, but you never know. I'm just so happy for my friend. I can't even say how grateful I am for this outcome. Praise God for his mercy and grace. He must know how much we (and by we, I mean I) need her in my life. Well...I have phone calls to make and spread the news. I have a long list of people I'm suppose to call. Thank you all for your prayers. Regina

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Holy Flying Geese, Batgirl!"

Never made flying geese before, but I bought Ms. Burns ruler and figured I better give it a try. I made too many. I have leftover goose? geese? It was ok. Not sure when I'll be ready to make more. I came down with a touch of the flu Sunday night, Monday morning. Felt pretty bad all day yesterday, but I zycam-ed and feel much better today. I'm still not feelin like doing cartwheels or anything, but I'm better than yesterday. Yesterday was a good day to make geese. This whole thing is looking way too busy for my taste, but it's good practice and it's starting to grow on me. I may add another border of muslin, per my daughters instructions...ahahahhaaa....she's full of ideas.
Later, Regina

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Well, this one is hard for me. I have kept this away from my blog for fear of "losing" it, but even if no one ever reads it, I'll feel better for writing it. My best friend has cancer. This is not new. She has non-hodgkins leukemia and has been in remission for several years after a hard fight and lots of chemo. Now...she has a new cancer. Cancer of the salvitory glands. She will be having surgery this coming Friday. We spent the day together yesterday doing fun stuff. Shopping and arts and craft fairs. Val is an amazing woman. She is our Township Supervisor, is on more boards than I can list, President of our Chamber of Commerce, a wonderful Mother, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Christian, and yes, Friend. She and I are not life long friends, in fact, we've only been friends a few years. Ya know how you meet someone and it just clicks? Like you've known them all your life? That's how it is with us. Our husbands are friends, too. I've decided some things during all of this. I know that God knows how much I need her in my life. On the flip side of the same coin, if that should not continue, I have to remember how grateful that He gave me the time we've had. It's been quite hard to maintain that mind set. I want to get mad and do something about it. But...I have to maintain Faith. I have to not worry. I have to remember that He knows better than I do. So...if anyone reads this, I would really appreciate just a moment of your time that you could say a prayer for Val. And one for me, too, that I do and say the things that will help her through this battle.......Thanks......

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fabric, Bags, Pinwheels, Shopping

Did a bit of shopping today...yep... adding to my black and whites for my next YBR. What do you think? A bit more "even"? I'm adding just a touch of red in it too. Not much though. I'm pretty happy with these now though. I think I'm almost ready. It was a girl friends day out today, so we, Val and I, did hit some Arts and Craft fairs that were going on in the area. That was fun too. Happened upon this little jewel also, and the best part is that I managed to sneak it into the house without Garry seeing it. He has me on a Purse Diet. No more bags for he Ok. I admit it. I do have a bag fetish. And, it's not just handbags. I like to buy duffle bags, luggage, makeup bags. I just like bags. But this's find....Oh Yeah, Baby! I'm liking this one.....

Ain't she a beaute?

Worked on my pinwheels tonight and desided they are just too busy next to each stash busting, I found some and added borders....I like it much better now. I'm glad this was just made out of fq's. It's a great way to practice and learn about values. I like pinwheels a lot too.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday. Sundays are super busy here. Church in the morning, then dinner with friends, then my favorite time....Sunday afternoon nap....and back to church for Sunday night service. I know...I do go to church a lot. Three times a week. I love my church family and the time we spend in worship. It's changed my life in a lot of ways. It just works for my family. So, I'm off to bed soon, although, the movie Saharra is on, and I sure hate to miss the chance to see so much of Matthew McCuddly. I do own the movie though, so I guess I can let this one on tv go. LOL!


Friday, November 9, 2007


That's a few of them. Just some fat quarter and muslin. I love muslin, by the way. Just gives quilts that "old time" look to me. I'm sure after a while, I'll get tired of it, but it's also good for the practice I sure do need. I've got about 12 of them done so far and I would like to rotate them with some nine patches, but then there's the math to consider.....LOL The finished pinwheels came out 10.5 inches...sooo....ok...not ready for math today. I'll have to sit down and think it through. I didn't sleep well again last night. I seem to do most of my "thinkin" at night. Been that way for about 10 years. Lack of sleep causes many problems most people don't consider. It's not only the tired feeling all the time, but also it causes weight gain.....ugh.....the dreaded weight gain. I was, over the years on a lot of meds for this, and I do mean a LOT of meds. They helped me sleep, but it's just not the same kind of sleep and they also cause weight gain, and unclear head during the day...more of the same issues as not sleeping. So....what I do now is, every three or four nights, I take a couple of OTC non aspirin sleep pills. They do the trick and although I don't feel fabulous the next morning, I do feel better.

I was sooooo domestic yesterday. I even made homemade, and by homemade I mean bread machine, raisin oat bread. It's a pretty heavy bread, but my daughter loves it for breakfast and it was still warm in the machine this morning. Sometimes it takes so little to make 'em happy. Garry does not eat bread. He just doesn't care for most breads. The one bread he does like is Johnny Cake...ya know...sweet cornbread. I also make a single layer white cake, chocolate frosting of course. I have the bread machine going again today, making some dough for rolls for dinner tonight. Company coming....fried chicken, mashed taters, gravy, salad and a veggie...undecided what veggie..... and speaking of weight gain....ahahhahhahaaaa...... Ok...I was raised by southern people. Frying is what I learned, but actually I cheat. I fry it in good oil just until it's "purty" and then I move it to baking racks and bake it till it's done. Most of the grease bakes out into the pan and then I don't feel quite so bad about fixing it. And...I don't do it often. Well....time for some sewing...a few more pinwheels and then the math part......
Have a fabulous Friday....Yipppeeeee......Friday!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cleaning Day!

Ok...a bit brighter outside today. Still rainy though. Didn't sleep again, but feel pretty good today. Good enough to start a really really serious cleaning in my dining room and kitchen. I guess now that I've moved to the living room with all the craft/quilt/sewing stuff, I can see more and more how bad the dining room and kitchen were looking. I'm a clutter bug. A "stacker". You know, "Mom, where do I put this ________? (insert anything in the blank)". Or .. the hubby who just drops his socks/jacket/coat/keys /tools/lighters/screws/you name it, where ever he lands. So....stuff just gets "stacked" up. I'm pretty picky about real dirt, but the clutter....ahhhh....I'll get to it. Today was that day. And I really didn't get far. I'm easily distracted. Not like a raccoon, ya know they are distracted by shiny objects....LOL. I just start in one corner and then I'm off to something else. I eventually come back to the original task, but it may be an hour or two.'s all looking so much better. Long day though and I'll be ready for quilty things very very soon. In fact, in about an hour or so. Right up until bed, with the exception of feeding the crew. I did manage to throw beef at the crockpot and we'll have beef tips and noodles....yummmmy! ... and so easy.

I have a lot of my pinwheels done and I'd like to start some nine patches to go in between them. I love pinwheels but they really can look very busy next to each other. Off and running again, hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Blogs, memories, thoughts.....

Not a quilty day. is a blog day. A person could get completely lost in the Land of Blog! I like seeing what others do and have to say about all kinds of things. It seems that a lot of women are going back to older traditions. More "scratch" cooking, canning, arts that seem to have been lost through the years. Actual Homemaking. I feel that way about quilting. A lost art. Well, not completely lost, as I'm finding out more and more each day. I'm not usually so nostalgic, but it's one of those days, I suppose. I was thinking of my Grandmother. I miss her everyday. She lived in Tennesee, a very small town called Finger. Yes, Finger. They were cotton farmers. During summer vacations, my family would visit there. We picked cotton too. Very hard work. I can remember being very young, six or seven maybe, and thinking I'd really done a lot. Had my cotton sack half full, and then found out I'd accomplished picking about $0.17 worth of cotton in a whole day. Amazing. I of course was devastated to find out that was it. My weekly allowance was a lot more than that at 50 cents, and I only had to take out the garbage and make my bed. But...there are things I remember. The cupboard in my Grams farm house that held her biscuit making supplies. The way the door folded out and the big bowl fit perfectly inside it. The way the water tasted fresh out of the well. They had no indoor plumbing until I was a teen. I think of the way my Gramps made popcorn in that funny contraption with the turner handle on top, in the fireplace. Homemade ice cream. Catching fireflies and putting them in a mason jar. Stealing dried apples off the big front porch, before, during and after the drying process. I guess those are memories I'll have forever. I hate to think that when I'm gone, those memories will be gone, also. Maybe it's the lack of sunshine today, as gray days tend to make me sentimental. But, these are just thoughts today.'s off to church tonight. I have a Ladies Bible Study class on Wednesday nights at our church. I love it. I love the fellowship, the women, the learning, everything about it. God has blessed me in so many ways. I want my children to have those memories. I wonder what they will remember of me when they are older...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Done! Finished! Yippeeee!

What a feeling to finish quilting one in one day! It just rocks! Of course, I'm sure I'm just preaching to the choir here.

Thanks for all the suggestions on the black and white fabrics. I agree with you all. Oh darn, (insert sarcasm here), that means more fabric shopping. Will it never end? Hahahahahhaaa

I'm playing with some fat quarters I have. I have a couple hundred now. Is that a lot? I really don't know if it is or not. Anyway, I want to do some pinwheels and rotate them with a nine patch, but the math has got my head all warped now. And I'm good at math. I'll figure it out, but it's kinda messing with my head. See how new I really am to all of this? Ahhhh...back to the fat quarters.....and math.....Later!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Yippeeee! Loaded up and stippling!'s loaded and half done. The pantograph just didn't work for me. I think I just need more practice to get the "feel" of the whole thing. But, fortunately, I like stippling. I like doing it and I like the look of it. Whewww....thank goodness! I guess I'm glad that it takes so little to amuse me. My husband, Garry, I'm sure would disagree, but ya know, he's a Actually, a very good man! (Just in case he ever reads this...hahhahaha)

This is my assortment of black and white fabrics. I think I'm going to add just a slash of bright red here and there in this one and do a YBR. At least that's my current plan. There are just too many patterns out there. I wanna make 'em all!
I'm off and running again now....back to the land of stippling.....

Monday, Monday.......

Good Morning.....I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was great! Bought myself a few little gifts, yes gifts. Happy ME day. Does that work? It'll have to because I already bought them. My iron sucked, was probably 20 years old and very tired. And now....taaa daaaaa..... My new Rowenta Precision, clearance priced at Joann's iron. And I love it. Smooooooth as silk. Especially when compared to my old one. Hope it lasts...... I also happened upon some fabric that wasn't just calling my name, but screaming it. It now has a home, with me......LOL Some black and whites. Thats next I think. A black and white top.

On the quilty front, I'm adding borders to another Irish Chain top I'm working on. Hope to load it on the frame today and start the quilting. I'm thinking I'm going to get brave and try out the laser, which is still in the box, and a panto. I'm loving this so much. If this one turns out nicely, I'm giving it to my brother and sil, as a Christmas gift. Keep my in your prayers today, I'm not feeling all the confident as of yet.
If I get as much accomplished today as I hope to, I'll post pics on the frame later. Have a great day even if it is Monday. Laundry day here, too ......grrrrrr......

Friday, November 2, 2007

Thank YOU, Jen!

Just wanted to send a special "Thanks!" out to Jen ( for the help I needed when I was so frustrated. Yep...all about the tread. Had some terrible problems with the needle thread breaking in the Janome. Cheap thread does not cut it, even to practice. Cause you can't practice if it doesn't work.....LOL
I don't know how she does all she does....but I'm just glad she does it all!