Friday, February 24, 2012


Not a tough pattern, but I do love the look. Plan to spend the day working on this one. If I should get bored with it, there are many, many UFO's around to switch things up. LOL! Oh...and my BFF, Patti, is having a giveaway! Head over and leave her a comment! Although, I have seen a few items she's including, I may not want her getting new entries!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Miss me? It's been a while....

Yeah....I could come up with loads of reasons why I haven't posted, but ... nah! I just haven't. But thanks to Patti, I think I'll be giving it a new place in my life. Maybe not every day, but once a week or so. I do miss having some place to save my progress and pics of projects I'm working on. Patti and I took a class from Edyta Sitar a while back and I'm currently working on a Dresden Star (with a twist) that she designed. Yep, I changed it up a bit with sashing and stars, but I have loved making these blocks.
See ya soon!