Friday, March 12, 2010


has sprung at my house. No matter what the calendar says, it's officially spring here when the guys all load up and head for Toronto for the Supercross Dirtbike races. This morning at 6:00 a.m., the guys pulled out of my driveway. They'll be back on Sunday. That's three days! Three days of no man in the house. Now, I love my husband. No questions about that, but on the other hand, absence makes the heart grow fonder. LOL! Garry and I work together, live together, eat together. It's a lot of "together". I have lots of plans for the weekend. Shopping with Val today, movie night at her house tonight. Chick flicks! Craft Day at the church building tomorrow. Going to the movies tomorrow night, Dear John. Complete girls weekend. Lots of chocolate will be eaten. cooking! Church on Sunday and afterwards a birthday party for Kaden. Kaden is the little boy I asked you all to pray for a while back. There is a link to a blog created by his Mom in my sidebar. He continues to need prayers, but I also thank God that Tiff and Brandon are his parents. He couldn't have better.

So....let's get the party started, shall we! Wooohoooooo!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time for some.....

finishing up! I know I'm the ONLY one who piles up blocks and tops and just leaves them there in order to move on to a new project. I can't imagine that any of you would do such a thing. (insert sarcasm here)

Retreat is coming up soon. Not soon enough, but it's getting closer! I thought it might be a good idea to clean up some stuff that's been hangin' 'round for a long while. I was doing Amanda Jean's nine patch quilt. I found them today while I was digging through stuff. So, I put them together. Woohoooo! Then I found some Jewel Box blocks I made last year at retreat and I've got them ready to sew together now. I'd forgotten all about these blocks. I'll see how many of them I can get sewn together before bed tonight while I see who gets the boot on Idol. Yep, you read that right. I watch Idol. There! My dirty little secret is out now.

Here are a couple of pics and then I back to the machine. Oh, I started the plan to find my quilt frame and machine today. I had buried it under projects. That's how I found these and a few others.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


How are you all out in Blogland? Things are great here. This past weekend was our 18th anniversary, so we ran away from home for a couple of days. We had a great time and even got to spend some time with my SIL and BIL. More than anything, I ate too much. It was great to get away though and have some "just the two of us" time. We should do it more often!

The wonderful Jen made us a badge for our Rotating Snowballs. I don't have a clue how to do all that link back to the post stuff, so she emailed it to me, I saved the pic and just added it to my blog. Feel free to add it to yours if you're playing along! Thanks so much, Jen!

Now, since I'm well enough now to be downstairs (where it's colder), I'm back to sewing. I made some pillowcases the other day, worked on quilting several quilts and then I decided to make a bow tie quilt top. Feels so good to be back in my sewing room!

Here's a few pics....and now....back to the machine!
Rotating Snowballs!


Bow Tie Blocks